A Guide to Making the House as Safe as Possible for Your Kids

Posted on Jul 20 2015 - 5:02am by Johnny B

If you have kids, it’s your job to protect them and keep them safe. You need to make sure that the home you provide for them is safe and sound, so use this guide to make sure you’ve done everything you can:

Put Chemicals and Dangerous Products Somewhere Safe

All houses have chemicals and dangerous products in them, whether it’s cleaning products or medications. Make sure you’ve put these somewhere safe. Ideally, somewhere up high or in a locked cupboard/shed where your children have no way of accessing them. The bottles can look like drinks to little kids, and you don’t want to risk anything bad happening!

Put Up Window Guards

Many people don’t realise that the emergency room gets a ton of visits each year from parents and children who have tumbled out of their windows. They get curious looking out of the window, and they stumble. It’s easily done, and some kids are much luckier than others. Put up window guards to help protect them.

Install a Stair Guard

A stair guard will stop very young kids from going up the stairs when you’re not around to assist them. You should get one of these as soon as your baby can crawl. You never know what they might learn when you’re not looking.


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Put Sharp Things Somewhere Unreachable

There are a number of sharp things in the home, from scissors to knives. Put them somewhere unreachable so your kids cannot hurt themselves. You can also buy safety products to make the objects blunt.

Keep Pests Away

Having pests in the home isn’t safe for kids, which is why several people often choose to get them exterminated with the help of professionals like the ones at Sustainable Pest Systems, who are known to offer termite treatment in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

Keep in mind that pests can be harmful to the health of your kids. Hence, you need to make sure that your kids are living in a clean and safe environment. However, it isn’t enough to simply get rid of them once they arrive – you should keep them away, to begin with.

How do you do this? Keep your garden clean and tidy for a start. Keep your kitchen tidy and your bin fresh. If you do end up getting an infestation, a company such as Pest Control Center inc could be of service. Just bear in mind you may need to evacuate your home for a few days!

Install Safety Latches and Cover Sharp Corners

Safety latches will stop kids from getting into draws and cupboards. Covering sharp corners with plastic will stop them from seriously hurting themselves if they slip or fall. Make sure you take every precaution to stop your children hurting themselves.

These days you can buy kits that have been ready put together to help you keep your kids safe in the home. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to go the extra mile to make your home safe. You can’t wrap your kids up in cotton wool. They need to scrape their knees and things so that they can learn. However, you can stop silly accidents from happening by using the tips in this guide. Thanks for reading – make sure you come back soon!