A guide to buying a wedding ring for a man

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 4:26pm by Johnny B

Who doesn’t love wearing jewelry? From buying jewelry with gemstones, or wearing a necklace to help complement your designer outfit, it can make a lot of people feel good about themselves. But many of you may associate jewelry with women, and whilst they are more likely to add gorgeous pieces to their collection, men can wear different items too. Watches and gold chains are some popular choices, on the rise to popularity is some of the silicone rings like the ones from Groove Life as well. However, the most important piece of jewelry that a man will ever be required to wear is a wedding band. With the big day approaching, the groom will have a very important decision to make and this is what his wedding ring will look like. Whilst past styles have centred around a plain band made from yellow gold, there are now just as many choices for men as for women.


There’s a number of considerations to make though so here are some top tips to finding and choosing the best wedding ring for you.

Lifestyle appropriate

Ideally a wedding ring should be worn at all times. However, if you have a job or hobbies which could make the ring uncomfortable to wear, it could present a danger or become damaged in some way so making the wrong choice may well mean not being able to wear it every day.

If you have a job where you use your hands a great deal; gardener, sculptor or pastry chef perhaps, a ring with an intricate design could mean it’s often full of soil, clay or flour. This makes it hard to clean and it could quickly gather bacteria. If working in a job where gloves are required; doctor perhaps then you won’t want a row of raised diamonds which will tear the fabric. Similarly, don’t choose a design which can catch and potentially injure you if you’re working in an industrial or manufacturing environment.

It’s a similar consideration to make if you play sport, enjoy hobbies where you’re using your hands or have interests such as rock climbing where the ring could become damaged on the stone surfaces.

Comfort is key

All wedding rings Houston jewellery specialists sell are designed to be comfortable to the point where the wearer isn’t aware they even have them on the finger.

Look for a style which is either softly rounded on both the inside and outside, or for a contemporary look choose a square-edged one. The latter idea may sound uncomfortable but because of the construction it’s actually very easy to wear.

Rings are available in a range of widths; 6-7mm is the most common size chosen but you can go much wider if you want to own a piece of jewellery which has the size to incorporate different elements of design. Don’t have it so wide though that it’s difficult to bend the finger.

Best metal for a wedding ring

Gold has always been the most popular metal over the last century or so and the usual options are 9, 18 or 24 carat. The higher the carat, the more pure the metal is but it’s also softer. Most go for 9 carat as it looks great and is durable.

Other metals being styled into wedding rings now are platinum, rose gold, silver, tungsten and stainless steel. All are hard wearing and for those who want a very simple and long-lasting look, tungsten is particularly good.

Including gemstones

Single diamonds, small accent rows of gemstones or bold multi-coloured designs are all part of the wedding jewellery choices in the 21st century. Those looking for some great options for gemstone rings can go here for inspiration.

Diamonds will turn heads and have the ultimate sparkle factor but other stones to consider are rubies or sapphires. This is because of how they can be used to create great pieces of jewellery and are also hard gems which won’t easily scratch, chip or break.

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