5 Ways For Dads To Save Time On DIY

Posted on Jul 6 2015 - 5:35am by Johnny B

As a parent, you have very little time for anything other than being a parent. And, when money is tight, that can lead to problems around the house when things need fixing. Let’s face it, DIY is not something you can do when the kids go to bed because they will never get to sleep, so what can you do about it?

The answer will be different for every household, but one principle will be the same for all: make sure you make proper use of your free time. When it comes to DIY, that means making every last second count. Here are a few tips for dads to get their DIY tasks completed in as quick a time as possible.


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Plan perfectly

Every task will be finished far quicker if you have a proper plan in place. I’ve already wasted years of my life just staring at piles of wood that will eventually become shelves, scratching my head and muttering thoughts under my breath. I have no intention of wasting anymore and have found that a good plan has been the key to it all. Whether it’s for repairing furniture, or making my own (decipherable) IKEA instructions, it all helps shave a lot of time on getting things done.

Tool Belt

I can’t tell you how much time I have saved by getting a tool belt. No more rifling through a tool box or going back and forth to the tool cupboard or shed. It’s all there for you as and when you need it. It also helps you feel like the real deal, by the way – so expect a good boost to the masculinity as well as the time for a cup of tea once you have finished.

Better Tools

If you have spent years using a hand saw, then the first time you use a power saw will probably blow your mind. Honestly, it was a borderline spiritual experience for me when I first plugged in and fired my power saw up. Yes, it’s noisy, and there’s a hell of a lot of mess. And you will need to wear some ridiculous-looking protective goggles. However, the time you save and the ease in which it cuts through almost anything are things of beauty. Just watch out for your fingers.


DIY can create a lot of mess, and when you have little kids running around trying to ‘help’ daddy, things can get dangerous pretty quickly. So, how you dispose of that mess is crucial. You’ll need to think about getting that debris out of the house and cleared away as soon as possible. You can either load up your car and make a trip to the dump – which can be difficult if you have little ones to bring, too – or you can look into a cheap bin hire. The advantages of the latter are that it can stay outside your home for as long as you need it, and someone else will come and take it away. When you’re short on time, that kind of service is an absolute necessity!

Get Help

Finally, make sure that you can call in people to give you a hand. Perhaps you know a tradesman, or have a few friends that can help with the bigger jobs. The most helpful thing anyone could do for you, however, is to take the kids out for a couple of hours. Nothing focuses the mind quite so much as a time limit, and the impending threat of sheer chaos when they come back before you have finished. Good luck!