4 Great Ways to Spend a Dinner Date

Posted on Oct 26 2017 - 9:30am by Johnny B

In relationships, time is measured by the number of moments you create together. Sometimes, at the rate in which we live our lives, drastically choosing to work for hours on end, we forget to spend precious times with our partners, putting us in a deep rut.

So once you are able to set aside time for them, you better make it count. Whichever idea you set into motion, your effort must be seen and felt.

Treat her to a romantic restaurant

This cliché is gradually getting shrugged – according to surveys, younger generations tend to ditch the fancy dining table in place of cheaper date spots. But trust us, this is no indication whatsoever that an elegant table for two isn’t going to make your partner blush. What matters here is how you prepare leading to the event. Make sure to book early through sites like AmericanCutSteakhouse.com to get the best seat in the house and know the dishes you’re going to be having ahead of the date.

Throw some gimmicks in there too. Have the house band play her favorite song, order an extra bottle of champagne that you rarely have, or if the mood is right, you can dance to a slow beat in a private area. It’s not every day that you get to act out a date this regal, might as well make the most of it.

Spruce up the backyard

So maybe you guys are a little bit below budget, but this shouldn’t dampen the special night you planned to have. The comforts of your own living room or backyard is still a cute way to remind her that romance can be felt in the most mundane and usual of venues. Replay a game and snuggle while in your pajamas, or you can cook for two, light up some candle, and download some music online for ambiance for a candlelight dinner.

If you have the room, you can even go out the back, lie down on a blanket over grass, and just go stargazing in picnic fashion. The good thing about doing it at home is the non-existent limit and deadline. Have what you want for dinner as long as it’s with the person you cherish.

Go on a night drive

Do the cineastes in you two fancy a late night movie? Or is there a food place out town that you couldn’t find the time in the day to visit? Whether you’re craving to visit the best Midtown restaurants or just dying to see a stunning view, with a car and some gas, you can both cruise down the undisturbed boulevards at night. Let the night drive give you both the notion that you’re leaving behind all your inhibitions, at least only for a while.

Let it out by dancing or singing

If all else seem boring, maybe the fun and outrageous sides of your relationship can find its place on the dance floors of bars and clubs. Assuming you don’t do it recklessly and unruly, dance is actually a good medium of expression that partners tend to overlook as a dating option.

Or if you both have two left feet, then maybe exercising your vocal cords is a favourable option. Join the karaoke night in some pubs and bars. Watch your partner wow other people with their singing prowess, and get that wonderful, proud feeling of seeing the love of your life onstage just letting it loose.

Time is truly of the essence, and it is so scarce for people who are busy building up a stable career. But every once in a while, time is available, and ultimately, it is up to us, the person who best knows our partners, to know how to spend a long night ahead.