Posted on Feb 23 2021 - 5:03pm by Johnny B


We all know how a good rug can transform a floor but if you are creative enough and use them on the walls and furniture, it can provide the ultimate exotic flavor to your interiors. From bedroom to bathroom, here are seven fun things to do with carpets that will instantly perk up your living space. Oh and before you read them, make sure these carpets are clean, you don’t want to have dirt caked carpets on your floor let alone your walls and furniture! So unless you’re a good carpet cleaner yourself, you might want to call in companies that specialise in carpet cleaning in Slough or your local area! That’s the first tip!

Add texture to the walls

Vintage rugs are considered to be a piece of art, so banishing them to the floor could be a tragedy. Give them their rightful place by hanging them on the walls. These woven works of art will give a push to a quintessentially bohemian blank dining wall.

Use area rugs

If you are stuck with an aged carpet you can’t remove, the best option is to cover it with an area rug. An area rug, of the right size, is quite affordable and is perfect for hiding an unattractive carpet and can completely transform a room. If some of the old carpet still shows, you can use carpet binding to make a custom-fit area rug. There are also plenty of hook rug supplies available online or in craft stores and you could create your own rug if you can’t find anything to fit the area.

Be creative with the design

Be a bit innovative and open up your floor space by strategically positioning your bookshelves, lamps and couches. Go for a small cheap carpet that will cover most of the offending carpet beneath. If you can’t afford one, purchase a roll of pre-shrunk floor cloth which can be painted with stencil patterns to give a unique look.

Adopt rag rugs for the kitchen

Rag rugs are popular for their casual, cosy look which instantly revs up the cabinets and appliances. As they are washable, the inevitable kitchen spills are eliminated. If your kitchen floor is narrow, lay multicolor stripes or other muted patterns to make the space look larger. Occasionally, consider encapsulation cleaning done (but What is encapsulation carpet cleaning? Learn here) to get the deep-seated dust and stains removed. This is because, in an area like the kitchen, you can’t afford to have dust and allergens that will end up sitting on your food items as it can give rise to multiple health problems.

Add color to the bedroom

Most people prefer a minimalistic bedroom, but if you want to add some color to it try topping your bedding with a flat weave rug for an inviting look. You just need to fold them before sleep and place them at the foot of your bed.

Swap the bathmat

While a bath may not seem suitable for a good rug, you will be surprised to learn how well-suited they are to this place.If you want to instill a punch of flair to the bathroom, replace the bathmat with a decorative rug made of natural fiber, like bamboo or sisal. Not only they last well in the humid conditions, but add an organic texture to the glossy surface of the bathroom.

Drape the furniture

If you want a quick update to your upholstery, use a flat-weave rug to drape over the settee or chairs to create a fresh appearance. All you need to do is to tuck the rug into the seams and smooth it over the back and seat. Use a color which blends with the furniture and let a portion of it to hang from the back in order to keep the rug in its place.