The Prons and Cons of Microwave Meals

Posted on Sep 23 2014 - 6:12am by Johnny B

Ask a father about the benefits of microwave foods and he will speak of them as a Modern Wonder of the World. Microwave meals are the quick and easy way for busy, tired parents to provide meals for their kids with minimal effort, and they certainly do have their advantages.

Microwave foods have both some pros and cons. Firstly, leaving aside the cons, (why talk about negatives all the time?), I will talk about all the pros of microwave meals.


A lame excuse for “meat” there…

The most obvious upside is that microwave meals are really easy to cook. Nothing is easier than piercing a lid in less than 2 seconds, popping something in, setting the time, allowing a minute for the food to settle and then throwing it haphazardly onto a plate. Obviously the cooking time mainly depends on the meal size and quantity, nevertheless, it provides fast results. What more can I ask for? At least I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen looking at the meal being prepared. All I need to do is put into the microwave and it’s done.

Secondly, microwave meals are extremely safe to prepare. So, on days when I feel too exhausted, I can ask one of my older kids to do it for me. You see I am a responsible father and so I make sure my kids are safe while they enjoy cooking. Now, tell me, do you know about anything better than microwave cooking. What I love most about microwave cooking is that it includes an alarm which tells me when I food is ready. So, I don’t need to move around it checking all the time.


Most importantly, it requires really less oil. So, I know that my kids are eating some good food cooked in less oil. Be it any type of meal, the food always tastes good even if it prepared in less oil. Apart from this, the ready-to-eat meals really work wonders in microwave. All I need to do is simply put it in a glass bowl inside the microwave and set a timer. That’s all; the meal is ready in minutes.

However, despite the speed, efficiency and ease of the microwave meal, they are far from the way forward.

Microwave meals contain absolutely tonnes of salt. They need to to ensure they can keep in a supermarket fridge for as long as possible. They also contain a plethora of additives and artificial ingredients that fresh food simply does not have. For that reason alone, I don’t ever bother with them. I’d rather feed my kids sandwiches for their dinner than a micro-meal!

Again, the meals also don’t get cooked properly. Even though I have tried heating and re heating, I have failed to cook the meal properly. Usually I put the frozen food containing ice crystals directly from the freezer into the microwave. No wonder, parts of these foods remained unthawed and uncooked. Well, my kids definitely question my cooking skills sometime for this. I dislike the moist filling in the pastries which I find most of the time I prepare it in the microwave. I found for these food items conventional cooking is the best.

With that being said, even though I found microwave meals to be easy and quick, there is nothing which comes close to fresh cooked meals. Fresh meals are better as well as healthier.

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