The Geeky-but-Cool History of the Bike

Posted on Nov 19 2014 - 10:30am by Johnny B

OK, so I’m venturing a little outside my typical niche with this article, but that’s only because it involves my third passion (after my kids and cooking): cycling. I’ve loved cycling since I was a kid, be it road cycling or mountain biking, and I find it’s one of my kids’ favourite family activities – and a great way to keep us all fit!

Before motorbikes and electric bikes, penny farthings and mountain bikes, there was the Draisine. This was way back in 1817. If the history of bicycles is something that interests you then please check out the infographic as it takes you full ‘cycle’ through the history of one of man’s greatest inventions.


A Gumtree graphic - The history of the bike

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