The DIY Essentials Every Father Should Own

Posted on Feb 24 2015 - 2:54am by Johnny B



As a father, you need to be ready for every problem in the home. Maybe the kids have been jumping on the bed and broken the slats again! Maybe the lights have fused and you need a quick fix. Perhaps the children’s toy box is overflowing and you need more storage ASAP. Every household should have a few choice DIY essentials that can be brought out quickly.

Today, we’ve put together a handy list of everything you need in the home. They’ll help fix just about any problem you’ll come across in the house. When things go wrong, you need a quick fix and that’s the theme of today’s post. Without further ado, here are the DIY essentials that every father should own.

  1. A toolbox full of tools

There is nothing more satisfying than a toolbox bursting with great items. It may take a few years to build up the perfect toolbox. The trick here is slowly buying great quality tools. Try to avoid splashing out on a cheap, full set. The best tools are worth their expensive price tag. Buy one at a time and do it right. We suggest investing in a great hammer, a variety of screwdrivers and a wrench. Pliers, a vice grip and a variety of saws are also a good investment. This should cover just about every DIY project your house can throw at you.

  1. A shed

Every father deserves a good shed. It is a little haven of organised tools, parts and equipment. You could build one yourself, or choose from a variety of pre-built garden sheds. The essential thing here is storage. You’ll need to fill them with organised draws for nails, screws and tools. It’s a good idea to keep the larger items and bits of equipment in here. The very best sheds have a little work space or desk to help you find some peace and quiet too.

  1. A torch, spirit level and tape measure

It’s very difficult to complete a DIY job without these three things. Whether it’s putting up a shelf or decorating the kids’ room, they are essential. No matter how many great tools you have, if you can’t measure lengths it won’t work! Every project needs precise measurements and must be level. With that in mind, keep a few tape measures and spirit levels handy. These go missing all the time! Finally, you never realise you need a torch until you don’t have one. Invest in a good one and keep some spare batteries.

  1. Electric tools

Sometimes, the handheld tools just won’t cut it. Electric drills, saws and sanders will help you complete any job to a professional standard. They’ll drastically cut the project time down and let you move on quickly. The best electric tools come with a number of different sized parts. Make sure you have plenty to choose from to cover every possibility.

The trick to great DIY is being prepared for everything. You can never have too many tools, screws or storage areas! Invest in everything on this list and you’ll be all set up for the perfect family home. If something needs fixing, you’ll be ready to tackle it!