All You Wanted to Know about Coffee Beans

Posted on Dec 16 2015 - 4:50pm by Johnny B


If you are a coffee lover then you definitely know everything about the type of coffee you like, but do you know about the other types that you have not tried? Or what if you need to buy coffee f or your friend and you know nothing about it. What should you do? Well, we have a couple of answers for you here. Check basic info about coffee beans below and come to a store with some knowledge and weapon!

A Matter of Preference

First of all, remember that just as well as with any other beverage coffee is also a matter of a person’s preference. If you like black tea and another person likes green or white then there is no sense in arguing about it. Same with coffee. One likes espresso another one mocha, and you might like Turkish or hawaiian coffee. Tastes differ, so do not make a drama of it. Instead, respect the difference of choice and make a gesture that can help you show your respect. For instance, if you do not like espresso but your friend does, instead of trying to convince him or her that mocha is better, try to find the best espresso in Canada and give him or her; this gesture will be much more appreciated.

However, many people have to consider their health conditions when choosing the type of coffee they drink. For example, if a person usually has puffy eyes or inflammation in their bodies in the morning, they will most likely prefer mushroom coffee over anything else. This is because drinking mushroom coffee in the morning may help reduce puffy eyes and inflammation in the body.

Coffee Basics

Fresh roasted. First of all remember that the full flavor and richness of any coffee type diminishes dramatically and pretty rapidly after roasting. It means that the closer to drinking you roast the coffee the richer the taste will be. But be careful here, because only one experience of drinking freshly roasted coffee beans is enough to reject any other types! Before you know it, you are asking your boss if you can look for some office coffee machines in Denver or wherever your office is, so you can have fresh-brewed coffee every day.

Good green. Long before a roaster coffee was invented there already existed green coffee. It requires much more effort to grow the right coffee beans that to roast them. This is why coffee experts advise to look for coffee that is traceable back to individual little farms or cooperatives because as a rule you get much better coffee quality there.

Whole bean. There is no secret that coffee’s oomph is always best experienced freshly ground. It is sometimes more convenient to buy pre-ground coffee but there is a great difference in drinking freshly grounded and long-ago grounded coffee. So the advice is to buy only whole bean coffee and then ground it at home.

Sweetness. Balance. Flavor. The real good coffee will have all of these three components balanced. The natural sweetness should be carried through every sip, only the balance in roasting and ground and organic acids can lead to the pleasing mouthfeel of every cup of good coffee. You need to look for roasters who are “famous” or at least known by their green coffee sourcing and meticulous in roasting.


A few words on the coffee’s geography must be said! It is an important part of coffee tradition and if you, for example, decide to buy coffee from you should always check the region where the coffee comes from in order to get exactly that flavor that you look for. Professionals also advise to ask for have on web-sites and in the store if you are not sire, because only assistants can help you choose the best suiting taste for you.

So geography. Individual growing regions may show various distinctive flavor characteristics or simply have particular processing styles which tend to create a signature taste, but it is important here not to fall into the trap of dismissing or embracing the whole region or country basing on just a small set of experiences. Moreover, even in one region and particular place you may get different tastes depending on the harvest or the amount of precipitation in that particular season. Try to always keep an open mind in order to experience surprises from every corner of the coffee growing world.