5 Recipe Hacks for Cooking Inside Your Hotel Room

Posted on Oct 8 2014 - 11:10am by Johnny B

When traveling across the state or around the world, you are always in need of comfortable lodgings, good food and entertainment. Perhaps you are on a tight budget and must come up with creative ways to save money during your many different trips? One way you can be creative and save is by learning how to cook inside your hotel room. This may seem like odd advice but cooking inside your hotel room can be easy and even enjoyable. Check out a few tips below so you can learn how to be a master hotel chef!

Hot Water is your Friend

kettle and cups

One of the best resources you have in your hotel room is hot water. Most every hotel room is equipped with a coffee or tea maker which means you have access to boiling water. You can then use the boiling water to create a variety of dishes. One of the easiest meals to prepare with a coffeemaker is hot noodles. Bring along cups or noodles or noodle packets in your favorite flavor that only require hot water to prepare. You can then boil the water in the coffee maker and have a hot meal in no time! Be creative and use the coffeemaker to your advantage during your stay!

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

When planning your next trip, consider your hotel wisely. By researching the hotels in the area in which you will be visiting, you will be able to find an accommodation choice that will work well for your dining needs. A free breakfast buffet is always a plus but be on the lookout for key terms and phrases in the hotel advertising such as ‘microwave in dining area’ or ‘kitchen facilities on-site’. This means you will have access to a microwave or other appliances that you can use to prepare your own food during your stay. With a microwave, you can prepare soups, leftovers and more, which will save you tons of money during your trip.

Fully-equipped Kitchen

kitchen in hitel

The jackpot of hotel amenities includes a fully-equipped kitchen. If you can reserve a hotel room with a fully-equipped kitchen, you will have access to everything you need to prepare a meal. Be sure you have a grocery store nearby or you bring your own items so you can prepare meals during your stay. The options are endless with a full kitchen at your disposal as you will be able to prepare a simple dish or go all out with a full course meal!

Grilling 101

Grilling in a hotel room may be unheard of but you can do it! Bring along a portable electric grill to the hotel and you can easily prepare hamburgers, chicken and whatever else your heart desires. Such stores as Design55Online offer gadgets and appliances that can be used in hotel rooms just like in your very own home. You will be surprised at how easily you can use such items as a portable grill for your cooking needs when the hotel is not equipped for cooking. Always practice caution when cooking in a hotel room with such items.

Planning is Every thing

Basically, planning is the essential part to your success when cooking in your hotel room. Research the hotel and find out what resources you have on-site. Determine if you want to bring food with you or shop once you arrive. Consider the recipes you can use during your trip to have a full and happy belly. Be creative and you will be able to create a meal fit for a king with simple tools you bring from home or find in your hotel room!

This article is provided by Kate.