5 Diet Suggestions for Hikers

Posted on Oct 8 2014 - 10:28am by Johnny B

Hiking is a popular option for fitness as well as entertainment and can be enjoyed from anywhere around the world. Hikers enjoy being outside and becoming one with nature. Individuals who hike on a regular basis will find trails that offer scenic views, a physical challenge or just a quiet way to spend the day. It is important for hikers who take part in extended hikes to learn the proper dietary needs for a healthy hike. Hikers need to have the right types of nutrients to stay healthy during the hike with no stress on the body. Below are a few diet suggestions to help you plan for your next long hike.

Consider Calorie Consumption


When packing your backpack, you need to consider the amount of calories you will be burning and how much you need to compensate. You do not want to carry too much food in your pack where it weighs you down. By reviewing the labels of food items such a protein bars and trail mix, you will be able to pack the total calories you need to survive and continue an extended hike. Freeze-dried, powered foods and prepackaged items are a great way to load your backpack for efficient packing.

Change the Way you Carry your Food

For better packing and meal planning, it is smart to change the way you carry your food items. You can place serving sized amounts of each item in sealable baggies. This could include nuts such as almonds or crackers. You will have a serving ready and waiting for when you need nourishment during your hike. This method of packing your food will also allow you to have less weight to carry as well as cut down on the amount of trash you have.

Pack Enough Food

When hiking, especially on extended hikes, you want to pack enough food for the trip. You should pack just enough for your time spent on the hike, plus at least 1 to 3 meals extra. You want to have extra meals in case you have trouble along the hike or decide to stay out an extra day. With enough food, you can feel secure knowing you have enough to get by if you need it.

Dried Fruits

dried fruit

For a great source of fiber and calories during your trip, dried fruits are a perfect choice. Dried fruits can easily fit inside your pack and weigh barely anything so you are not weighed down with a full pack. You have several fruits that are quite delicious when dried including apricots, apples and bananas.

Top travel companies that provide hiking vacations and trips can help you see how dried fruit and other food choices can help you when hiking. You can easily visit Privateexpeditions.com to view the type of foods that work best for the hike you will enjoy. When you plan accordingly, you can have a successful hike with a full tummy, healthy body and plenty of energy to enjoy the sights and sounds along the route.