Ultimate Guide To Christening Your New Baby

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 1:11am by Johnny B

When a new baby is born, all your friends and family can’t wait to come and see the little one. It is an exciting and overwhelming time for all. There are plenty of members of the family, however, who live too far away just to drop in and see the baby. You may start to receive baby hampers and gifts to help you get started with looking after the baby. As a way to thank all the people sending the gifts and to officially welcome baby into the world, you may want to think about a Christening.

A Christening is a wonderful opportunity to bring all your friends and family together to celebrate the birth of your newborn. Many people have a Christening as a family tradition. Often siblings of the parents or best friends are chosen to act as Godparents. There are responsibilities associated with these roles, but they can be selected or rejected by you as required. Such responsibilities include acting as a role model and guiding your child through their life decisions. Historically, some Godparents may have been expected to take over as parents in the event of your death.


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A Christening is conducted in a church, where the baby is welcomed into the church community. This happens at the font, and the holy water is usually dripped across baby’s forehead. As this is a family event, other children are expected to be present so unexpected things can happen! Once the ceremony is complete, a reception party takes place at a hired venue or in baby’s new home for everyone to toast the little one’s arrival.

Guests traditionally bring gifts of silver. These may have religious connotations, or merely be keepsakes like silver slipper ornaments or money boxes. There are plenty of choices for Christening silver, and many options are available online. If you think it appropriate, baby can wear some of his or her gifts. Bracelets or anklets may be bought. These can be engraved with baby’s date of birth and name. Other silver gifts may be heirlooms, handed down from grandparents and great grandparents.

The parents are often expected to make a speech at the celebration party. The topics that are popular include tales of conception, birth, and fears of parenthood. Some may be in poor taste, so use your best judgment if you are writing your speech soon. Everyone will want their turn to cuddle baby. Needless to say, your little one will soon tire of all the attention and want to go off for a feed away from the crowds. Your guests expect this. If you are not happy with them visiting the baby’s room while he sleeps, let them know he is a light sleeper, and they need to wait.

Christenings are wonderful family events full of hope and joy. You and your guests may wonder about baby’s future and who he or she most takes after. Some relatives are keen to know the history of the Christening gown you chose, so try to have the story straight in your mind!