Top Tips for Packing Your Belongings

Posted on Jul 11 2018 - 7:48pm by Johnny B

You may be moving to a new house soon, relocating to another country or even sending a parcel to a client, and you are planning to do all the packing by yourself. It may seem like an easy task packing your belongings into the cardboard boxes that you have bought, but what are the things that you should be taking note of?

The importance of protection

Having the right protection for your belongings is of paramount concern. No matter how secure you have packed your items, there is always a slight chance of a breakage happening. Firstly, your packing boxes should be corrugated and double walled in order to absorb any impact. Secondly, all items should be secured inside the box and empty spaces should be filled with bubble wrap so that the objects will not have any leeway to knock against each other.

Packing your goods efficiently

By planning and sorting which items to pack together, you are actually saving a lot of time when you unpack them, instead of having to rummage through all the boxes just to find a specific belonging. Using a label on each box helps you to identify what is inside each box and packing each group of items (like utensils, clothes) in a single box makes unpacking so much easier. If there are items like glassware or even antiques, make sure you have the ‘FRAGILE’ label displayed in a prominent area. This will ensure that the movers (or mailman) will put extra care in handling your items.

One-stop solution

To make your packing task easier, you may find a shop that offers everything you need under one roof. This will save you the hassle of going to many shops in order to get the required items. For example, some shops offer a package which could consist of the essentials like: boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, marker and rolls of tape. They would also offer other add-ons such as a tape dispenser, armchair cover, bicycle box, garment carrier, golf club carrier, etc.

The moving process

During the moving process, parcels and boxes may not be handled in the gentle manner that you have expected, but instead, always prepare for the worst and pack your belongings in a secure manner so that the chances of breakage is lessened. If you are able to, ensure that each box is carefully transported onto the vehicle and secured before you move off.

Finding the right company

Now that everything is in order, you should be looking out for a company that has been in the business for a long time and has highly trained staff to move your belongings. Some of these companies may offer a compensation if your belongings are damaged during the moving process. This service might be more costly, but it will ease your worry about getting your belongings damaged.

Always remember to use high quality packing boxes instead of the cheaper kind as they can withstand the impact better. After all, you do not want your belongings to get damaged that easily. You may also engage a mover company to help you with the packing process if you do not have the experience to pack your things appropriately.

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