Top Tips for a Stress Free House Move

Posted on May 25 2015 - 2:07am by Johnny B

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime; closely behind getting a divorce. The larger your family, the more stressful it is too. How is it some people can look so cool, calm and collected when they move home? I thought I’d do some digging and find the best tips for a stress free house move.


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Checklists Galore

Honestly, if you want your move to be as stress-free as possible, then I’d recommend making lists. Lots of them. Even before you’ve found a house to move into I’d suggest making checklists of all the things you’re going to need to do. From talking to agents to filling in paperwork, decluttering to-dos, and even inventories for what you need to pack. This will make your life so much easier when it comes to the big day.

Picking the Right Agent

Believe it or not, picking the right agent can help reduce stress tenfold when you’re moving house. Companies such as will be able to provide you with all the information you need to help your move run smoother. From recommending things to see and do in the local area, to an online mortgage calculator to help work out costs. A professional realtor will make your life, and your house move, so much easier. This is especially important if you are moving far away, for example if you are Leaving California to reside in a new state. A move like this calls for professional advice.

Stock up on Supplies

Before you move house make sure you have everything you need, so there’s no last minute panics on the day. Here are some of the most important supplies you’re going to need:

  • Boxes – There are companies that specialize in sturdy boxes to use when moving house. You can also ask grocery stores if they have any spare that would normally be thrown out.
  • Brown tape – Lots and lots of brown tape! It’ll help reinforce those boxes and stop things from falling out in the moving truck.
  • Newspaper – Stock up on newspaper so that you can wrap valuable items or things that might break.
  • Cleaning supplies – When the home is empty you’re going to want to give it a good spring clean. Stock up on cleaning supplies and make sure you don’t pack them by accident.

Babysitters and Pet Sitters

If you don’t want to juggle cats, dogs and children during your move then invest in a sitter for the day. Pets can go to boarding kennels for a couple of days, to ensure they’re not under your feet. Also, ask friends and family members if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your little ones while you’re moving. Trust us, this will make for a far less stressful move.

Take Five

Moving house is going to drain you, so make sure you have set aside some time just to relax. Does everything need to be unpacked as soon as you get to the new place? Do you really need to do a big grocery shop on moving day? Take the family out for dinner and celebrate your new life, in your new house.

Hopefully, these top tips will help make your next house move far less stressful. We’ll certainly be using them ourselves the next time we pack up and move on.