Top Tips For Creating A Family Friendly Home

Posted on Dec 12 2014 - 11:07pm by Johnny B


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It is important to make sure that your children have places in your home that are just for them. Areas where they can play, relax and just chill out.

For some fantastic ideas for making your home more child-friendly, have a read of our tips below:


Whilst your children have their bedrooms, it is also nice for them to have an area in the main house to play in freely. Creating a playroom is the perfect way to give them this space.

If you have a spare room, this could be the perfect place for converting into a playroom. However, if you don’t have any unused space, you could combine your children’s playroom with another room, like the laundry room or conservatory.

Wherever you choose to put your playroom, it is important to remember that it should be a child-friendly space. So, ideally it should have a laminate or wooden floor, instead of carpet as this stains easily.

To give your playroom a fun feel, paint the walls in child-friendly colours, like pastel blue and lemon. If you have both boys and girls, make sure to paint the walls in a neutral colour.

Make sure to put lots of storage in the playroom. Toy chests are excellent storage options for kids, as they can just throw things back in there once they have finish playing.

Living room

To make your children feel included in your home, it is important that there are features in each room just for them. If the living room is where you and your family spend your evenings, make sure that your children have some things to play with in there.

Place a toy box in one corner of the room and fill it with some of your kids’ favourite toys and games. That way there is something to keep them entertained each evening. To encourage them to stay downstairs and spend some time with you, why not read to them, play a board game or watch a DVD with them.

To make your children feel special, why not get them their own seats for the living room? This is an excellent way of showing them that the living room is a space for them too.

Instead of having to share the sofa with you, why not get them their own blow up chairs or bean bags to sit on. For a wide selection of bean bags, see bean bag furniture at


To make your bathroom more child-friendly, it is a good idea to think practically.

For young children, a colourful step is a nice touch. It allows them to reach the sink or toilet themselves, giving them some independence. You could also buy your children a toilet seat topper to encourage them to use the bathroom by themselves. Things like child-friendly toothbrush holders, special children’s hand soaps and bright features are also great for making your bathroom child-friendly.

If you have an extra bathroom, why not turn one into a child’s bathroom? This gives your children there only bathroom space, as well as giving your own adult space. For a children’s bathroom think bright colours, children’s pictures on the walls and a bath time toy chest. If you have the room, creating your kids a bathroom of their own is a lovely touch.


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