Top 5 Tips When Redecorating Your Living Room

Posted on Dec 15 2015 - 5:53pm by Johnny B


Give your living room a much-needed lift with new lighting, furniture and a statement piece that will wow your friends.

Here are the top 5 tips when redecorating your living room.

1. Choose a focal point

Choosing a focal point in the room can bring your living room to life. Statement pieces like a vintage coffee table or large rug can become an instant conversation starter for guests who visit your property. If you’re looking to buy coffee tables or rugs that can make a statement in your living space, then Lulu & Georgia have some really beautiful designs that are sure to make an impact. Choose something grand that stands out and reflects your personality! Perhaps you could consider purchasing a boca raton drapery for the living room. If they have a bold design on them, they can easily stand out and draw people’s attention as soon as they walk inside. Additionally, large canvas art can be a fantastic way to transform bland wall spaces – the more colourful the better. You can then choose furniture and accessories that reflect the colours used in the print. Looking for finishing touches for your living room? Have a look in a catalogue where you’ll find accessories, home decor and decorative items all in one place. You’ll be able to spread the cost of your order and have items delivered to your door.

2. Go minimalist

Minimalist design is bang-on-trend at the moment and is a contemporary style that will transform your entire living room. It’s all about keeping things simple, with minimal furniture and accessories in order to emphasise a sterile, uniform look. If minimalist design is not for you, you can still remove clutter in order to open up your living room and create the illusion of more space. Have old ornaments that no longer serve a purpose? Dated furniture that’s seen better days? Sell anything you no longer need on an auction website or give it to a charity shop.

3. Stick to your budget

This one’s really important and will ensure you don’t overspend on your living room. Come up with a budget and stick to it as closely as you can. You can save money by looking for second-hand furniture online – you never know what you might find! If you’re planning on hiring a decorator, use a service like MyJobQuote where you can request a quote from up to 3 tradesmen at the same time and thus compare prices.

4. Choose the right lighting

Lighting can make all the difference from a good living room to a great one, so do your research. The right lighting will illuminate your living room and add mood and ambience to the interior space. Decide whether you want to incorporate table lamps, floor lights or ceiling lights into your living room. This is because ceiling lights and wall lights give a soft glow whereas floor lights might give an luminous statement – it is all about what kind of vibe you want your home to give off.

5. Think of the future

Design fads come and go; being too hasty in your style choices could come back to haunt you. If you’re unsure whether a particular colour scheme will still look as enticing in five or ten years, keep it simple and choose something else. Looking for a style that will last through the ages? You can’t go wrong with pastel or neutral colours.