Three Great Reasons to Sweep Your Chimney

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 5:56pm by Johnny B

Some homeowners argue they do not use their fireplaces often enough to warrant hiring a chimney sweep but the fact of the matter is that an unclean chimney is a disaster simply waiting for a trigger. A chimney left to gather ash and other debris will slowly become clogged and potentially even a fire hazard over time. A professional will not only eliminate this problem but help you to minimise the risk of it building up in the future. So long as you use your fireplace even on occasion, it is in your best interests to learn about the benefits and advantages of cleaning its interior regularly.

Prevent Fires

The best way to eliminate the risk of a chimney fire is to simply make the call to chimney specialists in Surrey before you experience any serious issues, especially with winter already beginning to cool the air outside. Debris and ash build up inside your chimney over time and you only need one wayward ember to catch onto a flammable piece of debris for a sudden fire to break out and quickly spread. Chimney sweep professionals will not only clear your chimney of such hazards before this dangerous situation may occur but they will also provide an inspection of the structure to catch any repairs that you may need to consider.

Problems Always Escalate

There are any number of issues inside a chimney that start small at first and these are easily addressed with the help of an inspection performed by your chimney sweep. For example, your chimney may need a small repair today that will cost you a fairly low fee from start to finish but that repair may quickly grow to a large and costly problem if you ignore it for too long. Simply taking care of problems before they escalate will keep your wallet from being emptied and the members of your household safe and comfortable during the winter months.

Remove Odour

Chimneys begin to build up an unpleasant odour over time, which is often caused by water leakage after snow melts and mixes with the ash inside the structure. This odour will only grow stronger over time and potentially fill your entire property with the smell before you have it removed with the help of an experienced chimney sweep. You may not even notice the odour spreading throughout the property because the human nose will slowly stop registering a scent surrounding it for long enough, which may result in you discovering the odour only after a guest or family member points it out to you. No matter if you live alone or with a large family, the discovery that your home smells of old wet soot is certainly not a pleasant one and hiring an expert from the start is the best solution.