Things To Consider When Buying A New Family Home

Posted on Sep 16 2015 - 1:56am by Johnny B



There are lots of things you need to consider when buying a new home for your family. The location and price are usually the most important factors for most people. However, it’s sometimes the quality of the property that needs attention. In this post, I’ll highlight all the most common issues and try to offer solutions. In nearly all instances, you just need to pay for checks and assessments before you sign on the dotted line. Never hand over cash for a house until you are 100% satisfied with the deal. Otherwise, you might end up performing DIY repairs for months.

Plumbing problems

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure all the plumbing and pipework is in order. The last thing you need is a flooded home the first time you turn on the water. In that situation, you should always call an expert. Messing around with the plumbing yourself is a bad idea. That is because you are not insured. So, you become responsible for everything if you do something wrong. Do yourself a favor and call a plumber that can be trusted, like Paul the plumber, to perform checks as soon as possible. And if you feel that sourcing a plumber in your locality is difficult, then you can always try finding them online. For example, if want to source a plumber in Ocean City, NJ (in the U.S.), you can simply type Plumbers Ocean City online and find firms that provide those services.

Structural issues

Depending on the age of the property, you might have to think about certain structural issues. In many instances, they could cost you a lot of money. That is especially the case when it comes to dealing with the roof or foundations. The cost of foundation repair alone is not going to break the bank, but expenses will soon add up. Call a professional to make an assessment before you hand over any cash. The same advice also applies to roof repairs/replacements. Once you know exactly what needs repairing, you can look on sites like for a contractor who is going to do the best job for your budget. Your roof is the most vulnerable part of the house and any leaks could cause some serious damage to other parts of your home so it’s important to get any roofing issues sorted ASAP. If you’re in Alaska, for example, you could consider giving these edna bay roofing contractors a call.



Electrical faults

Basic electrical faults will not cost a fortune to fix. However, they could make the home unsafe for your family. Those with small children should never move into a property with electrical issues until they have been sorted out. Kids are inquisitive, and so you know they are going to mess around with that faulty plug socket. Again, you need to call experts to make assessments and give you a quote for the work.

If the property you plan to purchase has any of those problems, you must find out how much it will cost to fix them. You can then speak to the seller and explain the situation. With a bit of luck, they will get the work done before the sale is finalized. Presuming they don’t do that, you should ask them to lower the price to allow for the repair costs. They should be willing to do that at the very least, but some sellers are stubborn.

Just make it clear that you will pull out of the sale unless they make allowances for the repairs. Hopefully, that should encourage them to come around to your way of thinking. At the end of the day, they’re probably keen to sell the property as quickly as possible. So, it’s in their interests to keep you happy. In the odd instance where they refuse to alter the price or carry out the repair work, you should pull out of the deal. It might mean losing your dream home, but at least you won’t get ripped off.