The Truth about Earning a Full-Time Income Online

Posted on Apr 6 2019 - 2:58pm by Johnny B

Google probably won’t help you

Well, in all honesty, it’s probably something you kind of have to go through to finally get to the truth about making money online, let alone earning your full-time income online. Of course what I’m talking about is the first thing anyone new to the MMO (make money online) game does when they kick-start this journey, which is to head on over to their favorite search engine and type in the search phrase, “make money online”.

Let me spare you the trouble and heartache right now and tell you that you can go as deep as 10 pages into the search results and chances are you won’t find a legit source of information which hands you a system that actually works. This is especially true if you fall into the trap of thinking that you’ll have to spend a bit of money in order to make some real money, whether through buying some e-book, tuning in to some mastermind webinar, or paying someone $997 for a high-ticket training course!

Google won’t help you – at least not at the beginning of your quest to establish a full-time online income.

The sites indexed near the top of the search engine listings are often just optimized for those high rankings, which means that their owners paid a lot of money to get them to that position. Consequently, you have to ask yourself why on earth they’d tell you the tricks you can use to earn as much money as they claim to make or more?

Modeling the “real world”

If you’re going to earn something close to what constitutes a decent income online then you have to look towards the real world, off-line for some inspiration. Business principles as practiced offline should remain the same when you take them into the World Wide Web, so if anything doesn’t make sense to you with regards to how it works, don’t waste your time entertaining it.

You have to model the real world if you’re to sustainably make the kind of money which you can live on, which brings Google back into focus as we explore how to use Google correctly in this instance.

There are indeed some business models which exist purely as a result of the existence of the internet itself, like being able to consult with clients from all over the world remotely, but these still model real-world businesses such as the practice of consulting as it plays out in the physical world. While Google won’t help you earn money by discovering some “secret formula” which is suspiciously available to anyone who whips out their credit card to buy it, what Google will do is help you find customers for something like a consultation business you run using an app to make connections online and bill the people you’re consulting for in this way via the app, for example.

So Google can help you discover connections with whom you can offer your services, but it won’t help you find some scheme to make money in some mystical way, for which you have to pay for in any case.

Infographic created by Gigster – NFT app development