The Benefits of Refurbishing your Property

Posted on Jul 2 2018 - 1:38pm by Johnny B

While some may feel that if something isn’t broken there is no need to fix it, that might not be completely true when it comes to a home renovation, especially with an older property. Ongoing maintenance is necessary for all properties and there comes a point when those continual small repairs start to become uneconomical and a wider plan is necessary. Even when the repairs are still relatively minor, there is a good argument to be made for a refurbishment, which can allow you to remodel your house to something that is totally functional for your tastes and requirements. Refurbishing also adds additional value to your property. The financial website “This is money,” suggests a new bathroom or kitchen can each add around 6% to the value, while costing significantly less than that, while a loft conversion could add a further 10%.

Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, everyone is looking for ways to reduce utility costs, both from the financial and the environmental considerations. Older properties especially, are more likely to have poor insulation, and gaps and cracks around windows and doors, which allow the heat to be sucked out of your house and spiral your bills. Keeping your house warm through the Scottish winter is hard enough already, so properly insulating your house, putting in modern, properly sealed windows and doors, while replacing old heating systems and appliances with more energy efficient models can have a dramatic effect, with the reduced bills helping to pay for the refurbishment quite quickly.

Improved Functionality

There are probably aspects of your house that you love and others that are less endearing and a refurbishment allows you to do something about that. Maybe you can use some of the space for your home office, computer or play room for the kids, or maybe your very own home theatre. Even laying things out in a different way to allow the kitchen and dining room to function together better, or to open up spaces, there are many options. Local professional property repair companies can provide invaluable advice on what will and won’t work for your refurbishment project in Scotland and the North East of England, whose experience can prevent you making critical mistakes, or trying something that probably won’t work as you have imagined.

Faster and Easier than Building New

Council regulations have become extremely strict and planning permissions for new properties are often extremely slow and costly to obtain. There are considerably fewer restrictions on changes to existing property, so you can normally get approvals much faster, proceed and have the project completed, often before planning permission for a new build has even been given. An additional benefit is that a renovation, will also probably cost you significantly less than building a new housed from scratch.

A property refurbishment is far more complicated than simply replacing a floor, or installing double glazing, and professional guidance is strongly recommended. Aside from functionality, the changes you are planning need to make financial sense too. The objective should be to increase the value of the property, by a larger amount than that which you spend, and this is where the refurbishment professionals experience can make sure you get it absolutely right.