Six Handy Numbers For Every Home

Posted on May 28 2015 - 4:30am by Johnny B


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If you are popular then you might not think there are essential phone numbers out there that you don’t have. No, not that attractive girl you spotted for the first time in the pub. These phone numbers are more important; they are the numbers which can get you out of any pickle. Everyone has been there. You somehow get yourself into a situation that you can’t get out of, and end up spending the rest of the day in a mood because it has been ruined. It isn’t nice, and it isn’t pretty. To stop this from happening again, input these handy phone numbers into your mobile.

  1. Credit Card Hotline

If you tend not to remember what went on last night, the credit card hotline for lost or stolen cards is essential. When you ingest an amount of alcohol that could knock a rhino out, you run the risk of losing household essentials: keys; phone (ironically); credit card. Some of these have sensitive information on them that you cannot afford other people to see. As a result you need a backup plan, and what is a better backup plan than cancelling the card straight away? There isn’t one.

  1. 118-118

118-118 is a number which is crucial. In the modern age, Wi-Fi and mobile internet are lifesavers if you ever get lost or need information quickly. But, sometimes you cannot rely on your phone because they are not always to hand. The battery might run out, you might not have service, etc. 118-188 is a great alternative as it can provide you with any number, address or answer questions on most subjects.

  1. Local Locksmith

Locking yourself out of your home is incredibly frustrating. You are one hurdle away from getting inside and putting your feet up, but you don’t have the key to the door. There is the only person who can help and that is a locksmith near you. You don’t want the door kicking down and you don’t want a mess. You want a nice person to come by and open the door. That’s all!

  1. Breakdown Service

Your car might be running fine, but one day it will break down inexplicably. There will be no warning signs and no notice; it will just happen. The whole scenario is so frustrating and embarrassing that you want it over as quickly as possible. Your breakdown service should come and pick you and the car up and drop you off at your front door.

  1. Car Insurance Broker

If you have been in an accident the first number you should dial is your insurance company, as long as it is just a fender bender. They should provide you will details on how to proceed and also what you need to make a claim. If it is more serious, your first port of call might be your local physician.

  1. Internet Provider

The internet is a big part of every home, but it is also very dangerous. If you have young children who you want to protect, the provider’s number allows you to ring them and set up specific safety protocols.

Not only is their number useful in terms of safety concerns. These numbers are also helpful to find out whether packages like xfinity internet deals are provided with added safety features such as child-lock, etc. and also in case you need immediate repairs to the connection.

These numbers will ensure the majority of problems that arise are dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.