Is online grocery shopping easier?

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 2:37pm by Johnny B

Okay so when you have kids one of the biggest chores is taking them to grocery shopping, the challenges you face on one single shop with young children can send you over the edge. Kids like to ride in trollies, put things in there they shouldn’t (and you don’t realise till they have been scanned through the till) and the love to break jars. They especially like to throw tantrums in a middle of an isle and generally make the whole effort hard work.

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So I was shocked to see that 78% of UK shoppers are still not sold on online grocery shopping in this article. These people obviously are not parents! According to the article there has been a year-on-year increase in the number of people who do their main food shopping online, up to 11% in 2015 from only 6% in 2011, however only 20% of shoppers prefer to shop online (my guess frustrated parents or frustrated childless people).

We are lucky, we do have more options to buy our groceries without ever leaving the house, with the rise of products offered by Amazon and with Google recently announcing a fresh food delivery service in a couple of US cities, we will soon never need to leave home. But I think for parents this kind of service will open up valuable family time, shopping is not family time more like torture, but simply ordering online and waiting for it to be delivered at a specific time, means you have more time to spend with your family and this will be quality time rather than chore time.

I think shopping online would make it so much easier, not just because you won’t have your kids causing havoc in the supermarket but you will probably end up saving money. Let’s be honest, saving money is a necessity for all of us, using websites like Price can help us find the deals that we need so we can save or something that is essential like home repairs and medical emergencies. You’re also less likely to add things you don’t need when you shop online and you can still use supermarket voucher codes. The top supermarkets in the UK who now deliver (Morrison’s are the latest kids on the blog to offer at-home delivery services) always have deals and vouchers available for free delivery, check out My Voucher Codes for the latest savings and if you’re a frequent shopper you also can get added extras.

In the next few years we will see more and more people switching to online grocery shopping, for the convenience, the time it saves and the amount of money you can save by shopping online. Yes there will always be times where you need to nip out but it wouldn’t be such a chore.