New Year Fun for Single Dads

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 5:04pm by Johnny B

With the festivities over for another year and the kids back to school, we’re all feeling a little worn out from the hordes of friend and family visits.

Unfortunately for the single pap however, the kids’ energy doesn’t stop when the Quality Streets are put away, and boredom can quickly set in, particularly at the weekends now they’re back to school. So how do you keep little ones entertained without the help of the good old British summer? And what can Dad do to keep entertained his time off? Here are a few indoor games you can play with the kids, plus some enjoyment that can be had with some spare time.

Indoor hopscotch


Not one for the physically unfit! Traditionally many people view hopscotch as an outdoor game, requiring a set of chalks to draw out the squares on the ground. However, you need little more than a roll of masking tape to create the same effect indoors on carpet or wood flooring, plus something soft to throw at the numbers. Draw out your squares, then throw a soft object such as a mini bean bag into the numbers – it has to land on the correct square or the player misses a turn. The winner is the first to reach square 10 – harder than it looks!

Murder Mystery

This one is better for the more creatively minded rather than physical daddies, but it sure is fun! You won’t need much more than an active imagination – make sure you have a plot lined up which is both reasonably difficult but also appropriate for kids of your children’s age. If you’re lacking in inspiration, there are plenty of ways to find it – from board games such as Cluedo to online mystery games. Consider giving your kids characters to play, and raid your dressing up box to fit the Sherlock Holmes profile – it’s guaranteed hours of fun. Plus, as they get older, you can start introducing them to other role-playing games such as can be found when you click over here.

Classic card games

kids playing cards

Another set of budget-friendly games that can help to keep your kids’ minds sharp are card games, whether they’re the relatively simple blackjack to the more advanced poker. Card games are an easy go-to when weather is bad or even if you’re travelling on long journeys, so it may be worth your while teaching your kids a few tricks if you’re planning on getting away in the summer months. Games such as poker will also aid your children’s cognitive development, helping them to plan and think strategically, so rather than playing on video games, they can actually have fun while they learn!

Online entertainment

When the kids are away, the single Dad will play! This one is for while the children are out, some alone enterainment can be had on super slots sites, keeping you intrigued as you lay back with a beer or a coffee at home. There are plenty of great online casino and games sites where you are able to have fun on your day off from running after the little ones! Hours of enjoyment can be had here before it’s time to get back to Dad-duties all over again.