Keep Your Kids Entertained In The Car With My Top Tips

Posted on Jan 6 2015 - 7:32pm by Johnny B

Every mother knows that long journeys in the car can be a complete nightmare. If you have one kid, they will spend the whole trip complaining that they are bored. If you have more than one kid then keeping them cooped up together in a small space for hours on end will prove itself to be a recipe for disaster.

Well, I’ve learned all of these things the hard way. But that doesn’t mean that you should have to. Here are a few of my top tips for keeping the kids at peace on those long road trips


Timing is everything. This isn’t so much to do with keeping the kids entertained as it is to do with keeping them asleep for as much of the journey as possible. If you’re taking a particularly long trip, then you should think about how it’s going to work with your kids’ sleep patterns. Try to organise it so that they will be asleep for as long as possible. If this isn’t possible, then you should be thinking about trying to keep your kids well-exercised before the trip. Take them on a walk or play a few games, that way when they get into the car they’ll be ready to calm down and get some rest.

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Whenever you buy a new car you should be thinking about how much space there will be for your kids. Kids will spend hours bickering over who’s on whose side of the car. Give them their own personal space, and they are more likely to get along and even get a good night’s sleep when it comes to it. There are plenty of fantastic options such as Mercedes Inchcape that will help you to keep the peace.


Now down to the actual entertainment. Maybe your kids are already lucky enough to have their own tablets. In this case make sure that they’re full to bursting with games, shows and movies before you head off. Also make sure that they’re all fully charged and ready to be used. These can be a great way of transitioning your kids from the excitement of the day into the quiet time in the car.

If they’re wide awake and all of the electronics have failed you, then there’s always the option to revert to some old classic car games. Think about the games that you played as a kid, right from the basic “I Spy” through to the ones that only your family played. These are particularly great as many are educational.

Regular Stops

It’s easy to forget what it was like being a kid. You’re constantly full of beans, and ready to go from a deep sleep to a game of hide and seek in under a minute. Help your kids out by taking regular breaks on long journeys, letting them stretch their legs and move around a bit. You’re sure to find that they get on better with each other and you as a result. Hopefully this will mean that you all arrive at your destination, wherever it may be, in good spirits.