How to Make Your Garage Fit with Your Home’s Aesthetic

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 1:27pm by Johnny B

Garages are an incredibly useful feature in a house, as they provide a safe and secure place to store your vehicle and other items. However, if not designed in keeping with your property they can run the risk of ruining your home’s aesthetic. Garages with flat rooves can look out of place, as if they have simply been tacked onto the side of your home, whilst metal shutters can look prison-like and uninviting. If you want to build or improve your garage but don’t want it to ruin your home’s look, then here are some tips.

Garage Door

The garage door will form by far the most visible part of your extension, which is why it mustn’t be overlooked. Whilst you must be sure to opt for a door which is both secure and easy to operate, you should also consider the colour and finish. Whilst most garage doors are made of metal, it is possible to find some which are painted to give a polished finish. White doors can provide a clean and modern look that will lift your home’s aesthetic rather than lower the tone. Sectional doors provide an elegant look and come in a number of different styles. Having an electric mechanism also adds to the aesthetic, as you can smoothly operate your door from the comfort of your car and drive straight in. For those looking to install a single electric garage door in Nottingham, there are companies available with a wide range of styles who provide installation services too. While you’re at it, you could opt to get your garage door repaired if you feel it’s making noises or you have difficulty with a garage door that does not roll properly. You could get in touch with professional service companies such as Concord Garage Doors ( or similar others in your vicinity to get it fixed in a jiffy.


Opting for a plain flat roof often gives a cheap look to your garage and can also result in pooling and potential flooding when it rains. Therefore, a slanted roof is not only a good choice aesthetically, but practically as well. To ensure your garage flows with the look of your home, use similar roofing to the main building, such as slate or tiling. Roofing contractors from Lidoran could help you with this regard as they have the expertise of working in a commercial setup. If you want the same kind of finish for your home or garage, do thorough research and decide what needs to be done and whom to call.

Surrounding Area

The lead-up to your garage can be utilised to form a grand entrance to your home through the use of paving. By creating a driveway leading up to your garage door, you can greatly improve your home’s aesthetic. You may also want to include a plant bed, where you can add some greenery to the front of your property to make it look for appealing too.


It is also important to consider the interior of your garage. Although this will primarily be a practical space used for storage, this does not mean that it doesn’t need to look good too. Painting your garage door and garage walls is a simple house painting project. By using shelving and boxes to keep it clean and tidy, you can prevent it from becoming a dumping ground for all of your unused items. Some people even utilize their garage as a living area, so if this is your intention, be sure to opt for an insulated door and add some comfortable seating and a TV to make the perfect den space.

Whether you’re upgrading your garage or building it from scratch, be sure to focus on the aesthetic as well as practical features to ensure that it both functions well and looks the part.