Get Creative: Ten Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Posted on May 28 2015 - 3:47am by Johnny B


image credit: Dailymail

Securing your home is a big deal. Your home should be the safest place you know, and you should never feel vulnerable there. More importantly, you don’t want to put your family at risk. As a result, you need invest in home security to make sure your house is like a castle – impenetrable. Securing your home is expensive if you want the best equipment, and who wouldn’t when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones? However, there are ways that are affordable and effective. You just have to get a little creative.

  1. Dummy Surveillance Cameras

As technology has become more advanced, home security has never been as effective. Unfortunately, it has also never been as expensive. To get around the issue clever technology folk have come up with the idea of dummy surveillance cameras. They don’t record, but they do scare away potential burglars as they don’t know they are not real.

  1. Remove Your Letterbox

Honestly, this works. Thieves are very intuitive and know every trick in the book. One of those tricks is looking through your letterbox to see what is available to steal. Some people even leave keys next to their front door so burglars can just walk into your home when you are not there.

  1. Change Your Locks Regularly

What happened to my keys? Where did I leave them? You never know who has a set of keys to your house, and the worst case scenario is that they are in someone else’s back pocket and not down the back of the sofa. There is a variety of locksmiths out there who are open all day and night, such as 24/ There is no excuse.

  1. Trim Back The Hedges

If your rose garden is overgrown, it is a great place for intruders to lurk and scope out how to break in. Eliminate the risk by cutting down any large greenery and keeping them away from doors and windows. The thought of someone standing outside watching you and the kids is horrible.

  1. Leave The Lights On

It is a cliché, but it does work. If there looks as though there is activity in your home it puts off intruders. Burglars are mainly looking for a house that is easy to get into and where no one is at home. Leaving the lights on gives the impression you have not gone out.

  1. Pretend to Say Goodbye

It is a little bit strange, but it works in the same fashion as leaving the lights on. Pretending to say goodbye when you leave your house will make burglars believe someone is still in the house.

  1. Keep Your Tools In The Shed

Burglars are resourceful enough so don’t give them a helping hand. Any tools that could be helpful to break into your house, like ladders, should be stored away safely out of reach.

  1. Get Tainted Glass

Most homes have alarm systems but don’t have tainted glass. If your alarm system is near a window, anyone can see what code you enter.

  1. Cancel the Mail

If there is a host of letter and newspapers on your front yard, it is obvious you have not been at home for some time. Cancel any subscriptions which show you have gone on holiday.

  1. Sync To Your Phone

If you do spend a lot of time away, get a security system that links to a mobile device. Anytime they detect motion in your house there will be a notification. Wherever you are, you will know someone is in your home.