Environmentally Friendly Skip Hire

Posted on May 10 2018 - 2:45pm by Johnny B

Almost all of us will have a project at some time in our lives that produces a significant amount of garbage, where we will need the services of someone like this Melbourne skip hire company. We might be building an extension, renovating, landscaping our garden, or simply having a really good spring clean and throwing out years of accumulated rubbish. Given the environmentally friendly nature of our world today, it is a good idea to discuss the nature of the materials you will be putting into your skip, and asking the hire company about their policy for its subsequent disposal. A good company will have a full recycling plan in place, to deal with your trash legally, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Landfills contaminate our waterways, give off greenhouse gases and can cause hazards for sanitation workers.

Making sure your skip is legal

In addition to environmental legislation, there are also laws and regulations that impact where and what size skip you can use. If the skip is placed anywhere other than your private property, you will almost certainly need a permit for it. Ensure your skip hire company will either deal with this for you, or at least, provide assistance in getting the necessary documentation. They should also be ready to assist you with deciding which size skip you should use. It is not only the amount of trash you will need to get rid of (and from their experience they can normally quite accurately predict how much your project will produce), but also from a public access perspective ensure you are not going to block the road. Emergency vehicles and refuse collection trucks must also be able to get past without a problem.

Timely delivery and collection

If you are looking for a skip for hire in Brackley choose a firm that has a wide presence across the area, with multiple delivery and pick up vehicles, to provide a timely and reliable schedule. A full skip on your drive not only looks ugly, but can delay ongoing work if it is not collected and a new one brought in at the right time. Hence a firm with just one lorry can cause you serious inconvenience if it breaks down, is involved in an accident, or the driver is off sick.

Check what else the skip hire company can do for you

If you are involved with a construction project, apart from providing you with simply the skip, hire companies that are actively involved with recycling, can also often provide you with some of the material you may need that they have already recycled. If the skip arrives, not empty, but with the aggregate you need for your concrete, you are not only helping with recycling from the outset, but it will probably have financial advantages too.

A quick Internet search will provide you with the details of many skip hire companies in your area. The industry is highly competitive, so prices offered may be fairly similar. However, it is worth remembering that it is the quality of service that is going to make all the difference for your project, regardless of how large or small. Look for an experienced company, with a good environmental commitment, who will offer you comprehensive, speedy and efficient service too.