Do you need an Attorney when creating a Will?

Posted on May 3 2019 - 5:47pm by Johnny B

In case you have decided to create a will, and you aren’t sure about how to go about making it, you have two options. First, you can create it yourself. Or, you can hire an attorney to help you. Each of these choices has benefits and limitations. The right option for you, according to Weisinger Law Firm, will majorly depend on your particular circumstances.

The plain truth is that you need an attorney to help you create a good estate plan. Here is why

1. You need more than just a will

Never forget that you need more than just a will. You require a well thought out estate plan, and only experienced lawyers can create it. Though ‘estate plan’ and ‘will’ are used interchangeably, they mean different things. A good estate plan is a set of legal paperwork to prepare you for your disability or death successfully. On the other hand, a will is simply one of the legal documents included in an estate plan.

2. Save energy, money, and time

Handing off the complicated task of drafting a good estate plan to a responsible professional will eliminate an immense burden on you. After all, it is a lot of work to create a solid estate plan. Unless you have an estate plan, the chances are that you will end up paying more in the long run in terms of court fees, professional fees, and even taxes. Working with an attorney during the estate plan creation process is more straightforward and probably to your long term benefit.

3. Estate plan creation is a complex process

As mentioned earlier, this stuff is very complex. It’s part art and part science. What’s more, each phrase and word can either make or undo the entire plan. Besides, the law is dynamically changing all the time. Different laws regarding real estate investments, wills, and other important elements have been changing over the decades. Actually, it is almost a full-time job to keep track of your current play of the laws let alone understanding the laws to adhere to.

4. …And you have one shot at this

Once you shuffle off this mortal coil, do you know how many chances you have to create a perfect estate plan? One! The reality is that there will never be a second chance. Well, don’t get this twisted; you can always invest in a new estate plan in case you know that DIY estate plan stinks. But you don’t need to do this in case you get the first one right.

What if something happens to you before you create a new one? So, ensure that you create a reliable estate plan by working with a good lawyer.

The bottom line is, it is in your best interest to hand off the task of creating an estate plan to a lawyer. The next task should be to find exactly an attorney who understands wills and accepts a reasonable fee for their services.