DIY Disasters, The 4 Jobs You Want To Avoid

Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 1:36pm by Johnny B

Being good at DIY is a great skill. That said, even if you’ve been at it for years you’re still a layman in terms of skill. You could either hurt yourself or botch the whole job. Sometimes a professional needs to be called in. The problem is knowing what jobs are beyond your skill level. Here’s a quick list of a choice few DIY jobs you should avoid at all costs.


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Electrical Rewiring

Unless you’re a qualified electrician like those found at you’ll want to stay away from this. Not only are there numerous safety concerns while doing the job, but you could cause hazards in your home later on.

A loose bit of wire without insulation can do a lot of damage. It may spark and cause a fire. If the wire is inside the wall or ceiling, it’ll have plenty of fuel to burn with. If it’s in the bathroom, you could end up electrifying yourself when the water gets turned on.

It just isn’t safe to rewire the electrics yourself and you should always look to find more info about hiring a professional electrician.

Burst Pipes

The most you can do here is turn the water off and call someone to do the job for you. Burst pipes are hard to locate, and you need a professional to help you pick them out. Burst pipes need replacing altogether. Depending on the severity of the burst, you’re potentially looking at replacing a whole set of pipes and not just the one. That isn’t a job you can do with basic DIY knowledge.

In an emergency, you can get a plumber quickly by visiting When your plumbing system is in dire need of repair, you can’t afford to wait.

Replacing Windows

Whether you’re replacing a broken window or fitting double glazing, you shouldn’t try this yourself. Working with glass is dangerous for the untrained. One wrong slip and you’ve shattered the pane and have to buy a new one.

Window fitting isn’t a job for one person only either. Sometimes you need a second person to help secure the pane while it’s being fitted. Doing it yourself is only going to make you more liable to smashing the pane. Not to mention replacing second-floor windows is going to involve someone going up a ladder.

It’s best to get this job done by someone who knows how to do it.

Extending A Room

While you can do a lot of this yourself, it’s best to get a professional in to assess the structure of your home. Some walls are called load bearing walls. That means they help bear the weight of the house.

Smashing through one of these walls can cause disaster for your home. It can start to crack the brickwork, and may even cause the house to collapse in on itself. Always consult a professional before you start knocking through walls, or you may regret it.

Those were only four jobs you should avoid, and there are many more. So long as you use your head and know when you’re out of your depth you should be fine.