How to Choose a Suitable Pet for Your Family

Posted on Oct 17 2015 - 12:10am by Johnny B

Choosing a pet for your family will probably be quite difficult. You have a lot of choice, but it all boils down to what suits you best. You need to be able to take care of this pet the best you possibly can so that everybody involved is happy. If you don’t choose a pet suitable for your situation, you could end up having to give the pet away – this isn’t fair on anybody. Put in the ground work first to make sure you have the right pet.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Some pets will need more time spent on them than others. There are some kinds that like to be left to their own devices with the occasional fuss, while others will cling to you like velcro. Make sure you have the time to give your chosen pet the attention that they deserve. Write a short list of pets, research how much time they need and then consider whether you can give that to them.

What’s Your Budget?

Set a budget for the pet you’re planning on getting, not just for the initial cost, but for their entire life. A pet will continue to cost you money for as long as it’s with you. You’ll need to pay for their food, vet bills, medication such as fortekor, and more. A hamster probably won’t cost you that much throughout its life, whereas a dog will. A horse will cost you even more. You can’t neglect your pet because you haven’t got the cash. Could you still keep it if your circumstances changed?



Will Everybody Chip In?

Everybody in the family should be willing to chip in with the pet. If your kids are lazy and don’t like to do things for themselves, they probably won’t. Test them by looking after a friend’s pet and see how they get on. Everybody has more responsibilities when a pet is introduced into the family.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Some pets take up hardly any space, others will need quite a bit to stretch their legs and feel comfortable. If you live in an apartment it doesn’t make much sense getting a great dane. Use your common sense and make sure you have enough space for the pet you choose.

What Are Your Personalities Like?

Your personalities as a family should ideally be suited to your pet. For example, an energetic dog would suit an energetic family. However, if you’re a lazy family you shouldn’t get an energetic dog no matter how much money or space you have.

Do You Have Children?

Children can be a game changer for pets. Some pets don’t like children, while others are great with them. If you’re getting a pet specifically for children, this is a very important bit of research to do. The children should know how to behave around the pet too; pulling on a cat’s tail could cause them to the hurt the child, and it wouldn’t be their fault.

Don’t just pick the cutest pet you can think of; do your research. Good luck!