Can men play bingo too?

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 7:16am by Johnny B

Bingo’s always been a game that is associated with women, and older ones at that. It’s traditionally been viewed as the lightest (and thus most acceptable) form of gambling; a game you can play for real money, but only pennies at a time. It seems a little unfair that men have been excluded from the game of bingo – it’s a bit like saying women shouldn’t play games like roulette or poker.

Traditionally, bingo was associated more with older people...but times have changed!

Traditionally, bingo was associated more with older people…but times have changed!

Since bingo became an online game, however, the profile of bingo players has changed dramatically. Many of the players are still female, but market research has shown that 90% of them are under 50, and there is a steady increase in the number of male players joining bingo sites.

Currently, there are approximately five female bingo players in the UK to every one male player, but with the ability to play online whenever you feel like it at sites such as Winner Bingo, Gala and Paddy Power bingo the number of male players is increasing. The fact that you can play ‘incognito’ when you play online may also be drawing more men to the game, but it’s more likely that the real appeal is in the free cash you can get to play with when you sign up at a site. If you click here for, you’ll see that for only a £5 deposit you can get £25 added to your account for free. That amount of cash will buy you entry to an awful lot of bingo games – which often start at around 1p or 5p a ticket. Everyone likes a value game – whether they’re male or female.

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And most bingo sites have a huge range of different games available including bingo, slots, and casino games, so you can mix the games of bingo in with other games. In fact, it’s hard to find a site that deals exclusively in bingo games these days, or one that only has casino games. There’s a general acceptance that all these real money games have equal appeal to both sexes, and there’s an ever-increasing number of places that you can choose to play them at.


In Spain, the situation is quite different to the UK. Bingo has always been a traditional game for men as much as women. In fact, if you go back to the origins of the game that was played in the 16th century it was a men’s only game. And today, the game still has a large amount of male players.


The fact that more men are playing bingo online seems to be causing a shift in the demographics at land-based bingo halls too. Today, if you go into a bingo hall, the chances are that you’ll see plenty of men there as well as women, and the crowd in general is a lot younger than it used to be. Some people make bingo a part of a night out; stopping off after work for a few rounds of bingo before going onto the pub. For others, bingo is the night out – there’s no need to go on anywhere else.


Whether you play at home online, or down at the bingo hall, bingo’s a game that is cheap, good fun and can lead to huge cash prizes. It’s no wonder that men want a bit of the bingo action these days!

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