What Can You Expect During a Rise and Recline Home Visit?

Posted on Dec 21 2017 - 7:09pm by Johnny B

One of the key differences that sets a quality mobility furniture company apart is a willingness to pay in-home visits. People with mobility issues tend to find it tougher to visit warehouses to take a look at various products, especially when they live quite far away, so home visits are more convenient. Perhaps more importantly, a home visit gives your mobility professional a chance to talk through your needs, take a look at your space, and recommend the perfect rise and recline chair.

Here are just a few things you can expect to be addressed during a home visit.


There’s no reason a rise and recline chair shouldn’t fit perfectly with the overall style of your home, so the first thing a professional will do is discuss design options. They’ll be able to take your current layout and furnishings into account to put together something that speaks to you and fits in naturally.


There are different kinds of rise and recline chair, and the most important difference is between action, or how the chair moves. You’ll generally choose from:

  • High Leg Lift
  • Wall Hugger
  • Dual Motor

Each action type works best with different conditions, so your own individual needs will be considered to decide on the perfect one.


One of the main problems with buying an ‘off-the-rack’ rise and recline chair is getting one that isn’t properly sized. This might not seem like a vital concern, but sizing is more important with a rise and recline chair than with a standard armchair. You need all pressure points suited around your body, and your body should remain stable while the chair is moving.


It’s hard to get a feel for the right material when you’re only looking at catalogues or a computer screen. That’s why professionals visiting you at home will be sure to bring a book of material samples.


Finally, you’ll be given a rundown of what accessories can be added to your chair. This usually covers:

  • Heating and massage
  • Wheels
  • Arm covers
  • Head covers
  • Head cushions
  • Reading lights