Buying Gifts For Girls: An Easy Guide For Dads

Posted on Jan 14 2015 - 2:29am by Johnny B

When it comes to buying presents, every dad worries that he will get it wrong. Sure, it is pretty easy to buy things for your sons. You just have to think back to when you were a kid and remember what you liked. When it comes to your daughters though it can be difficult to find the right gift. You want to get your daughter something she will love, but finding that thing can be a nightmare. Never fear. Here is a simple guide to buying gifts for girls.


Image by Emily Stanchfield

Think about their age bracket

One of the best things about toy shops is that they use age brackets. As you walk through a shop, you will notice that there are signs with different age ranges on them. The signs won’t solve all your present-buying problems, but they will help to limit your choice. For example, if your daughter is about to turn six years old, you can choose a gift from the five to ten age range. That way, you know that the present will entertain her all the time.

Ask subtle questions

The best way, to find out what your daughter wants, is to ask her. Of course, you can’t outright ask her what she wants for her birthday. Instead, you should ask her some subtle questions. When you are watching TV together, see how she responds to different toy adverts. If you see that she pays attention to one advert more than another, there is a good chance that she wants that toy.

Avoid following trends

When it comes to children’s toys, there are always trends. Today, every kid might want a Frozen doll, tomorrow, though they will want something brand new. The problem with trends is that they change so fast, you are unlikely to get things right. Instead of pandering to fashion, you should avoid it altogether. When something goes out of style, people forget about it. If you buy something just because everyone has it right now, you will find that your daughter discards it when the fad is over.

Try not to stereotype

This point is important. Just because the media says your daughter should like something, that doesn’t mean that she will. There is no such thing as girls’ toys and boys’ toys. If your daughter wants to play with toy cars, you should let her. Buying her toys, which you think she should like, is a recipe for disaster. You know your daughter, and so you know what she truly likes.

Choose something they can keep

If you want to get your daughter something special,  you should choose something she can keep for many years to come. Collectible toys, such as porcelain dolls, make ideal gifts for young people. If you pick gifts that will gain in value over the years, you are giving your daughter more than just a toy; you are giving her an investment. There are plenty of vintage toys you might want to get for her. Make sure that your daughter understands the significance of this gift and that she treasures it.

Ask the rest of the family

Okay, sometimes, you need a little help. If there is a family member who is closer to your daughter than you are, you need to ask them for some advice. There is no shame in asking for a little help from time to time. Talk to your partner and see what she thinks you should get. The chances are that she has a different insight into what your daughter might want. If you chat to members of your family, you will find that they all have great gift ideas.