Had a Bonus At Work? What Should You Spend It On?

Posted on Dec 13 2014 - 7:34am by Johnny B

Firstly, if you have been given a bonus are work then well done! Being awarded a bonus is a testament to your hard work and how well you are doing within a company. Once you have gotten over the fact that you have been awarded a bonus, you need to start thinking about what you are going to spend it on.

Making Life a Little Easier

If you find that your wages don’t stretch as far as you would like each month then you could be sensible and put your bonus towards things that will make life easier. For example, you could pay a couple of months rent or pay a chunk off of your credit card bill. This might not be the most exciting thing you can spend your bonus on, but it does help to make life much nicer for a few weeks. That is a feeling that is priceless!

Splash Out

Another option is to splash out on something that you have always wanted. For example, you could book a holiday for your family if you haven’t been away for a while or you could buy yourselves a new car if you haven’t had one for a while. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant but just something that you have always wanted but not been able to afford.  Even if it is something relatively boring like a new sofa or brand new carpets for your bedroom, it’s something that you can make use of and really enjoy. Go for something that you really love and that way your bonus will feel like it is worth so much more.



A Little Bit of Technology

If you have a bit of extra money then why not buy something brand new technology wise. There are always brand new gadgets and gizmos being released and sometimes these can be above our budget. If you have been given a bonus at work then it is the ideal time to invest in something that you wouldn’t usually be able to afford.  For example you could look at having a TV installed in your garden. For information on outdoor TV covers click here. It isn’t every day you see someone with a TV installed in their garden, so using your bonus to pay for this could be really good.

Of course what you are able to buy depends on how much your bonus is. You have a better idea of your bonus amount and your budget so you know what you can afford. One thing for sure is that if you have been awarded a bonus then this is something that you should be really proud of. Whether you end up putting the money to household bills or you end up spending it on a family holiday, it is extra money that can help to make your life easier. To also gives you motivation to work hard and hopefully get yourself a bonus for next year too – what could be better than that?