Bank Holiday DIY: Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Posted on May 13 2015 - 6:32am by Johnny B

Revamping your bathroom doesn’t have to mean gutting it and starting all over again. A Bank Holiday is the perfect time to spruce up your bathroom and give it a refresh. Fortunately, even if you’re on a tight budget there are still many things you can do to rethink your bathroom for the better.


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A Simple Refresh

Many people have given their bathrooms a whole new lease of life by simply changing the colour scheme. Even changing the bath or basin doesn’t need to be an expensive, time-consuming process, even if a few tiles are forfeited in the process. These are relatively easy to replace with spares. Changing a toilet doesn’t need to be tough either, as long as you’re replacing like-for-like. You can add a new shower with relative ease if you go for the exposed option. Exposed showers are usually fitted directly to a wall, which means that disruption is minimal.

Tiles and Floors

Vinyl flooring is a valuable option for those that wish to revive their floor as quickly and as cheaply as possible. This kind of flooring has many positive attributes such as being easy to maintain and being warmer on the foot than tiles. It can even be placed on top of existing tiles, which can save time. If you’re interested in adding new tiles to your home but don’t have the time or the money to employ a professional, don’t worry. You may be able to add new tiles on top of those that are already there. Removing and replacing tiles is best left to the professionals however because the wall can start to come away along with the tiles.

Dealing with Grouting

Specialist cleaning products can be used to clean dirty grouting, although it’s usually best to leave re-sealing to a trained professional. You may also wish to revamp your bathroom by adding accessories like free-standing tower rails and trolleys. Some small accessories including toilet roll holders often only require adhesive pads for installation.

Think About Cladding

Glass wall cladding has become an increasingly popular option for those wishing to breathe new life into their bathrooms. It is perfect for wet areas and is a cost-effective solution few regret investing in. Simple repainting is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of revamping your bathroom. It allows you to give your space a whole new look for very little. It is worth remembering that painting your bathroom can be a time-consuming process as you will need to take great care to paint around the tight areas in the space. High-quality paint is usually more effective in defeating mold.

Mixing and Matching

If you do decide to add new tiles to your bathroom and are confident enough to do the work yourself, you may wish to opt for cheap tiles or a small amount of more expensive ones. Some people decide upon a single strip of expensive tiles whilst opting to use cheaper tiles elsewhere. At the same time, it’s important to ensure that the two styles complement each other well.

Revamping your bathroom doesn’t need to cost the earth. You can overall your space for less than you might think.