An Amazing Experience in Miami Florida

Posted on May 30 2019 - 7:35pm by Johnny B

While Miami is known for its amazing city and beautiful beaches, there’s plenty more to explore. You can really take it all in, but you might be afraid an extensive trip to Miami is out of your budget. Most people end up spending thousands of dollars on their vacation. But there are plenty of ways to enjoy Miami cheap and free. Here are five ways to enjoy your Miami vacation.

Travel Off-Season

The best way to enjoy Miami is to travel during the off-season. While Miami is crowded year-round, including April, May, and December. You’ll find that it’s cheaper and less crowded to visit Miami in March when most airlines are having promotional sales. For these reasons, some other good months to visit Miami are February, May, and October.

You’ll find that accommodations and flights are cheaper during the off-season, too. Find out if there are any concerts, events, or festivals when planning your trip. Miami usually centers itself around big events, which can also increase prices for flights and lodging. Book early, and if you save money on the flight, then you can splurge on a glass of champagne in the air or on a luxury hotel.

There are plenty of hotels near Port of Miami that are comfortable. The Hyatt Regency Miami is just seven miles from Miami International Airport and the Miami Convention Centers. Since it’s conveniently located, you’re steps away from area locations such as Brickell City Centre, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Phillip Patricia Frost Museum of Science, and Wynwood Arts District.

The Holiday Inn Port Of Miami-Downtown is another well-located hotel that’s popular with budget-conscious travelers. It’s located in the heart of Miami’s downtown with great views of Biscayne Bay.

Bring Your Walking Shoes

If you want to drive on your vacation, then maybe you should get a car rental through sites like But keep in mind that Miami is congested with some horrible drivers. There are frequent accidents and traffic jams. However, if you are an expert driver, it shouldn’t pose a problem to you.

In case you are walking, you will get plenty of exercise and can avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. Another great way to explore Miami is to get a Lyft or Uber ride. Both of these ride-sharing apps connect Miami drivers with tourists who need a ride. You’ll find that it’s affordable, friendly, and safer than taking the local taxi. Getting around has never been easier. You’ll be able to travel back and forth between Miami and South Beach.

Enjoy the Beach

The great thing about most of the top hotels in Miami is that they’re close to South Beach. You can grab your beach towel, sunscreen, and umbrella, and enjoy the beach in almost no time. Take the day to lay in the sand, build sandcastles, fly kites, catch the waves, or just people watch. Remember to wear sunscreen and apply it every hour and drink lots of water since temperatures rise to 90 degrees on some days.

If you don’t like the crowdedness of South Beach, then you should check out the Key Biscayne Area. This area is 15 to 20 minutes away from South Beach. It’s equipped with barbecue grills, bathroom facilities, children’s playground, tables, and the beach itself. The great thing about this beach is that it feels remote. While it’s not ideal for swimming, it’s perfect for soaking up the sun for hours.

Go on a Cruise

If you don’t want to be in the center of Miami, then maybe a cruise is more your speed. The Miami Port has various cruises for families and individuals. The Fathom Impact cruise takes passengers to the Dominican Republic. They keep your itinerary packed with activities and tropical excursions. Again, booking early and traveling in the off-season can net you good savings on your trip.

Other options include Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, and the Norwegian Cruise Line. Not all cruises are made the same. They offer different activities, dining experiences, excursions, nightlife, and more. Each cruise also has different places to travel and experience.

Enjoy Free Activities

You should also enjoy the free activities that Miami has to offer. All you need to do is grab your camera phone and take a walk downtown.

Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Garden, which is a historic landmark that transforms you to another decade. Each exhibit is fully designed and detailed with plenty of history. The gardens will take your breath away as the flowers and landscape enchant you. Finish your day with a trip to the cafe, garden maze, and grotto.

There are also plenty of free festivals to be had. The Calle 8 Latin Festival celebrates Latin Culture each year in the Little Havana neighborhood. Since it attracts a rowdy drinking crowd, you don’t want to bring small children with you. It also gets hot standing in the Miami sun, so plan accordingly.