A Parents Guide to Discussing Safety With Your Kids

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 5:56am by Johnny B

As parents, we want to keep our kids safe. There is so much to discuss when it comes to matters of safety. With the internet and personal safety being more important than ever, it’s time to have those difficult discussions with the kids. Sure, it can be tough to mention the perils of adult life to children. They are innocent in their world view and rarely see the bad in people. This can make for an awkward discussion. But, it a subject that needs to be talked about nonetheless.

It’s vital that we all put on our big parent pants and make sure that we are discussing safety with our kids.

Let’s take a look at some ways that we can broach this delicate subject matter with your mini-me.

Try to Remain Positive

Having these difficult discussions with your kids can be tough for all of you. But, the key is to remain positive. You don’t have to scare them or make them believe that everyone is the enemy. But teaching them the importance of stranger danger or how to stay safe online is a must. Talk about the dangers of the online world and out in real life. Be positive and say that you are always there for them, and they can talk to you about any of their fears. Ensure that they are aware that they have your attention when it comes to these matters.

Have a Mature Conversation With Your Kids

Your child may be very mature for their age. The key is to discuss this like they are adults. Patronising your kids when talking about safety will only serve for them to ignore you. It’s important that you talk about matters of safety with maturity. Don’t giggle or be silly when you are talking to them. You need to highlight how serious the topic is.

Ask Them What They Already Know About Safety

Your kids may have some idea about what dangers they are presented with. Ask them about what they know about staying safe and the perils of the online world. If they already have some knowledge on safety issues, elaborate on these. Make them aware of the facts and discuss them more in depth. Talk to them but also ask them to confirm what you have told them. Reiterating the importance of safety is essential.


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Prepare Your Kids With Safety Classes

If you want to prepare your child for the ‘real world’ there are some savvy things that you can do. Many parents like to send their kids to martial arts classes as a way to keep them fit. But, self defense products and classes are a proactive way of keeping your child safe. That way, you can be rest assured that they are safe been when you are not present.

Teach Them about the Importance of Saying “No”

No is a strong word. Teenagers and children often feel that they have to appease their peers and adults. But, make them aware that the word no is okay. It’s not a bad word; it shows that they are strong of character. Teaching them about safety means hammering home the point of being able to walk away from dangerous situations. What’s more, they will have more confidence by exercising their own voice. This is an excellent way to make sure that your kids don’t succumb to peer pressure and issues surrounding safety in their free time.