5 Great Jobs for Dads Who Love Cars

Posted on Mar 8 2016 - 10:16pm by Johnny B

Everybody has a passion and it gets really wonderful if someone finds a job that is related to his or her passion. Having a job related to your passion allows you to enjoy your job and it makes you a good father as well because passion tend to shift from a father to a child, especially if you want your children to follow your passion. It allows you to make your child passionate about your own passion. There are people who love cars and if you are one of them, having one of the following 5 jobs can make you a great father:


Race Car Driver

If you are a car lover, you should love motorsport and racing as well. Racing is a great adventure but it might not be the perfect job for everybody. If you are someone adventurous and passionate enough to be a racing car driver, you can make millions of money as your salaries. But it takes lots of luck as well to have a good career in auto racing.

Car Mechanic/Technician

Car or auto technician are people who know more about cars than anybody else. Because they know what makes a car a great one and what makes one car different from other. They simply love solving the puzzles of different cars with their own hands, but it requires you to get a little dirty. And that is nothing if you are really love cars. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for car or auto technicians in 2012 was $36,610 with great potential for better yearly income till 2022.

Car Salesman

If you are a car lover who loves to know about all the different brands available in the market, the job of a car salesperson is simply the job you should have. A professional car salesperson tends to talk about cars all the time. Using your knowledge of the cars and customer service and communications skills you can expect to earn as much as six-figures as your monthly salary. As a car salesman, you might be required to take vehicles from one lot to another, as well as take potential buyers out on test drives – it’s important that your employer knows about your driving history and has checked your driving license. This is important so that you are insured correctly to do the job that you love.

Car Designer

If you have right background, enough knowledge and specific other skill sets, you can be a car designer. The initial income as a car designer might not be a satisfactory one but if you can keep working hard and come up with something creative and outstanding, your life can change in a day. As a dad you’ll also be able to input your ideas on how to do the impossible, and keep children entertained on long car journeys!

F1 Safety Car Driver

If you think becoming a F1 driver is little too stressful, you can choose to be a F1 safety car Driver. Being a F1 safety car Driver, you can expect to earn good money and also get to fly around the world for free. But you will be on track for just a few laps at a time, allowing you to be almost fresh for the festivities at the evening.