4 Remedies for Your Winter Joint Pain

Posted on Oct 31 2017 - 10:14am by Johnny B

Winter can make joint pain a whole lot worse than it already is. Cold temperatures cause muscles and tendons to stiffen and produce discomfort in the joints themselves. Even worse, you’ll find it harder to move around outside when the streets are frosty or the rain is coming down, so getting out and about to help loosen up can be much tougher.

However, there are several ways those who suffer from joint pain can fight back against these winter woes. For example, some people use medical cannabis, such as this pink gas strain, to relieve their symptoms. Medical cannabis has many pain-relieving qualities, but here are four more ways you may wish to manage your joint pain:

  1. Take Warm Baths

You can warm up your house simply by turning on the heating. However, that’s often not enough, especially if your house is quite drafty. Taking a warm bath is more effective because you can immerse yourself in warm water rather than simply sitting in a room in which warm air is circulating. The warmth of a nice hot bath will loosen your muscles and soothe your joints. If you’re worried about getting in and out, make sure you have a bath lift installed before winter rolls around.

  1. Take Plenty of Vitamin D

Humans naturally absorb vitamin D from sunlight, so our bodies can really thirst after it when winter rolls around. Unfortunately, a vitamin D deficiency is bad for your joints and bones. It also tends to make people feel more depressed. As such, you’ll want to make sure you take a supplement or eat plenty of food that is rich in vitamin D.

  1. Layer Up

If you’re ever feeling a little bit of a chill, make sure you add a couple of layers to keep yourself warm. Those layers don’t create heat – they just trap it. This means you need to act as soon as you think you’re getting cold. That cold will seep down into your joints, tightening connective tissue and making discomfort hard to handle. You may also need to make sure that your HVAC systems are working properly. If not, you may need to contact some reputed HVAC restoration experts to get them in working condition so that there’s enough heat to keep your body warm along with the layering.

  1. Join the Gym

Okay, you might not be tackling the pull-up bar or training for a marathon, but you still need to stay active. Join a gym during the winter so you can use their treadmills. The facility should be climate controlled, and it’s not like you’ll have to worry about ice, snow, or rain.

Infographic Provided By Boston Analytical