3 Most Requested Pets From Little Girls!

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 2:19am by Johnny B

Being the father of a little girl is downright amazing. You want to do all you can to ensure your princess is as happy as can be. One way you can put a smile on her face is by getting her a pet. But, what pet should you buy? Well, here are the top three most requested pets by little girls!


(Image: https://goo.gl/Ma24vO)

A Pony

I’ll start things off with probably the most requested pet from every little girl in the world, a pony! Yes, girls seem to have an obsession with owning a pony. Maybe it’s because of My Little Pony? Maybe they just really like horses and want their pony to grow into one? Whatever the reason is, girls love them. Countless Christmases have gone by with me seeing ‘Pony’ on my girl’s Christmas list. If you want your daughter to love you forever, then buying her a pony is a sure fire way to do it!

The trouble with ponies is that they require a lot of hard work. You’ll need to find a paddock to keep them in, and then there’s all the grooming they require. Not to mention buying specific medication if they get ill. And horse meds aren’t easy to get your hands on though you can find some on http://www.wormers.co.uk/. My point is, if you want to get your girl a pony, you have to make sure you’re prepared for all the baggage it will bring. Don’t go out and buy one just to please your girl, if you can’t afford to look after it.


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A Puppy

The second most requested pet is a puppy! You find that some little girls can be afraid of full grown dogs, but they all love puppies! It’s no secret as to why, puppies are simply adorable! Plus, they’re easy to play with, and you can raise them up and your daughter will have a new best friend!

My puppy advice would be to go as small as possible. I know that might sound a bit weird but bear with me. When your puppy gets bigger, it could end up intimidating your daughter, and you don’t want that. Plus, most girls love small dogs, like chihuahuas and pugs! If you want to surprise your daughter with a new pet, a puppy is a great idea.


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A Kitten

The final pet on my list is our young feline friend the kitten! My little girl adores kittens, and I’m sure yours will too. I mean, there’s nothing not to love about them, they’re amazing. When they’re little, they can be a bit energetic, but they’re the cutest things ever! Plus, they’re easily house trained so you won’t have to worry about finding little presents on your floor.

If you decide to buy a kitten for you daughter, then I have some words of wisdom for you. Make sure you buy a few scratch posts for your kitten and some litter trays. Hopefully, they’ll use the scratch posts instead of tearing apart the corners of your sofa. As for the litter trays, we all know what they’re for.