Staying Safe on the Internet – Tips You Must Know

Posted on Jan 7 2016 - 2:18pm by Johnny B

For anybody who literally does anything in the modern world, the internet is nothing short of being an extra, very necessary limb. As with anything however, there are always some dangers involved and even if like me you mainly use the internet for some inspiration or entertainment; identity theft, outright monetary theft and other dangers are a very tangible reality. Personally, between checking out new recipes and perhaps sharing some of my own recipes and general life advice, I do a bit of internet banking, online shopping and yes, online gambling. Some very close shaves with the darker side of the web have opened my eyes to some simple safety considerations to help me and anyone stay safe online.

online safety

Common Vigilance

Just being careful with seemingly unrelated information is the first rule of online safety. Don’t use one password for all the sites you’re a member of, especially not the same password you use for your online banking sites. Sometimes hacks are just inevitable and while online banking sites and casino sites have much, much tighter security than most of the others, if you use the same password for every site, hackers will have easy access to your banking and casino sites by simply hacking the less secure ones. Websites that involve money generally have much better security, but your common vigilance should prevent hackers from getting an easy link through your use of one password across all platforms.

Keep Your Antivirus Software Up-to-Date

The best antivirus software is only as good as how up-to-date it is. Basically when a new update is released by your antivirus software vendor, it is an updated algorithm of how to deal with a new threat that was possibly created since your last update. Black-hat hackers, crackers and information phishers are constantly working on new ways to try and cheat you out of your important information and many of these threats regain their potency through a simple mutation, “upgrade,” or minor change. Think of it as a constant war between the antivirus vendors who protect you from digital threats and the creators of malicious software who try to steal your important data. In this case, your constant updates are what give the antivirus vendors their much-needed ammunition to keep the nefarious attempts of malicious users at bay.

Be Smart with Your Money Logistics

Security in online casino sites is generally extremely well thought out, just as it is in online banking sites. This is because a safe and secure customer is a happy, returning customer. There is a good reason why sites like have a range of options through which you can fund your gaming account, particularly those linked to online payment processors like Neteller and Skrill, among many others. In addition to the tight data security implemented, these online payment processors serve as an extra layer of protection in that your primary bank account which perhaps even has most of your savings isn’t used directly for your online payments. Be smart with how you move and store your money online and that pretty much completes what you have to do in order to remain safe online.