Oct 31 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on What Benefits Come with Using Timber for Your Gazebo?

Timber gazebos are a little more expensive than those made using vinyl or iron, and yet timber is still by far the most popular material. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that timber comes with several benefits that other gazebo materials simply don’t boast. ...

Oct 31 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on 4 Remedies for Your Winter Joint Pain

Winter can make joint pain a whole lot worse than it already is. Cold temperatures cause muscles and tendons to stiffen and produce discomfort in the joints themselves. Even worse, you’ll find it harder to move around outside when the streets are frosty or the rain is coming down, so getting out and about to help loosen up can be much tougher. ...

Oct 26 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on 4 Great Ways to Spend a Dinner Date

In relationships, time is measured by the number of moments you create together. Sometimes, at the rate in which we live our lives, drastically choosing to work for hours on end, we forget to spend precious times with our partners, putting us in a deep rut. ...

Oct 13 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Being a Parent is a Hard Job: Give Yourself Some Vacation Time

It has been said that parenting is a full-time job—one that you can hardly get away from, especially if your kids are young. However, without appropriate downtime, it is easy to experience burnout as a parent. And that won’t be good for you, your spouse, or your kids. So, here are four reasons why you should schedule some vacation time as parents. ...

Oct 03 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on The Advantages of Flooring Your Kitchen with Terracotta Tiles

Few rooms can be trickier to remodel than the kitchen. From seating arrangements to appliance types, there’s so much to consider, and it can be hard to maintain a consistent theme. One of the most important decisions you’ll make during any kitchen remodel is what kind of flooring to use. ...

Oct 02 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Roomy Car Models for Families

When families hit the road, they often need a little extra room to stretch out in their vehicle. While the automobile industry has plenty of makes and models with room to spare from which to choose, there are a few roomy car models that rise above the rest when it comes to delivering legroom and amenities. You can learn about any of these models including performance specifications and interior descriptions and photos at Cars.com. ...

Sep 27 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Professional Multi-Grain Waffle Recipe

Every once in a while, those of us who are lucky enough to have blessings in our lives in the form of our children really get a direct line to the true essence of the joy that life brings, as was the case when eldest daughter came home one day from school with a rather neatly written set of instructions for a professionally-made multi-grain waffle recipe. It quite baffled me how she managed to do that since this isn’t just any recipe pulled off the internet or anything like...

Aug 10 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Do You Have a Problem with a Clogged Drain?

One of the innovative technologies used today in checking drain obstructions is CCTV. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. This accurate visual survey offers a quick and precise identification of a drain issue. It also shows the structural layout of a drain system and completely investigates blockages. This type of inspection has also been proven to be a safe option for checking restricted drain spaces or unsafe drainage structures. CCTV inspections are used for assessing...

Aug 04 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Surprising Things You Can Do With Yogurt Aside From Eating It!

Almost all of us have eaten a yogurt at least in our lives. This low-fat, high-protein dairy product is a staple in our fridge. ...

Jul 21 2017
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on 4 Reasons Marble Floors Are Worth the Cost

Plenty of homeowners desire marble floors, but most of them are discouraged by the high price that comes along with such a choice. There’s no denying that marble is an expensive material; it’s a relatively rare stone that can only be quarried in select locations around the world, and it requires plenty of workmanship to be transformed from its natural state into the smooth, cool, and luxurious surfaces you’re picturing. ...

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