Must-haves for any Kitchen

Posted on Dec 16 2015 - 4:44pm by Johnny B


There is no secret that the room for kitchen itself worth nothing without the proper cooking utensils that in fact not only help but without which it is impossible to cook anything. So in order to make the kitchen functional you need to purchase several must-haves that we decided to outline in this article.
1. Spatulas to Blend, Mix, Scrape

This term (“spatula”) usually refers to several types of kitchen utensils that include: silicon or rubber tools that are used to blend or scrape the food from a bowl; spatulas also include metal, plastic or silicone egg turners or flippers. This is #1 tool for those who love baking. Without the proper tools and utensils for blending the eggs or cream you will not be able to create a proper cake. Moreover, most men confess that egg turners are their “best friends” when it comes to making an omelet.

2. Spatulas or Flippers to Lift, Turn, Remove

This type of spatulas is used for egg turning or flipping of meat for hamburgers or any other food items. These metal or plastic spatulas are extremely handy for placing foods onto a hot skillet or pan and turning as required. According to the experts from All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC every kitchen needs a couple of rubber or silicone spatulas, especially if you plan to use them while cooking something on a new frying pan. As you know it is insistently not recommended to scrub new pans with knives or pure metal this is where plastic or silicon spatulas come in the very nick of time.

3. Wooden Spoons

Wooden spoons are not only very comfortable for use they are also eco-friendly, non-harmful elements of the kitchen and designers confirm that they always add some extra charm to any kitchen. The usefulness of wooden spoons made them appear on this list because they are used for every type of cooking: mixing and stirring, and no matter in a bowl or right in a pot on the stove. They are also perfect for use in nonstick cookware.

4. Cans, Bottles and Cartons Openers

Every kitchen simply must have these utensils in service because they are best women’s friends when they are cooking something without a man’s hand at home. Tody the market has universal openers that allow the holder to open any food tin, having a smooth operation, and a perfect grip and turning knob.

5. Vegetable Peelers and Slicers

Everyone eats vegetables so a slicer is a must-have because its use can save you a lot of time and effort in the whole cooking process. According to the research Breville Canada is actually #1 kitchen utensil for many housewives. It helps you to peel carrots, potatoes and any other vegetables and fruits (like apples) with a special paring knife. One would argue that it can be done with a regular knife, but investigations and practical tests prove that these utensils are safe for use for children which is often pretty crucial. Moreover, they remove much less of the vegetable pr fruit itself while doing so, and it means that you get more food for the pot than for the trash can.