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As you all know, I’m a massive fan of kitchen-life; I love my cooking, experimenting with new ingredients, baking ‘wow’ cakes for my kids, etc etc, but I’ve also found a second-favourite hobby – writing! My latest masterpiece. And now I’ve managed to combine the too, not only in my Little Ol’ blog you all love (!) to read, but actually for OTHER SITES as well. Fame at last…er, well, maybe one day! But a piece I write combining my...

Jul 10 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Inventive Storage Solutions to Add Personality to Your Home

All homes need quality storage solutions. After all, decluttering is an excellent form of therapy and relaxation – clear house, clear mind. The bad news is that many types of storage – the classic plastic boxes, wooden shelving, and wicker baskets – tend to be overused and a little dated. For many homeowners, these traditional storage solutions just don’t fit in with their modern and contemporary environments, and kids especially need something a lot more fun and exciting....

Jun 25 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on The Dad’s Guide To Furniture Repair

Kids can break things. Any parent knows this incredibly well. They may not mean it, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s broke. Furniture tends to see the brunt of this destruction. Kids like to jump around on furniture and beds all the time. We all did the same. Who can blame them? It’s kind of fun. However, your responsibility as a parent is to fix whatever it. So today, we’re going to look at how to fix furniture. The dad way. Image credit Assess The Damage First...

Jun 19 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Easy Ways To Fix Your Wooden Furniture

No matter how hard you try and keep your wooden furniture safe from scratches, stains and water, accidents will always happen. Thankfully, there are some easy fixes. Read on to find out how to repair damaged wood in no time at all. Credit Prevention Before we start on repairs, let’s talk about prevention. Coasters, trays and patterned tablecloths can all be used on tables or sideboards where drinking, eating or any activity takes place. Also, think about putting felt pads...

Jun 18 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on What to Do When Your Child’s Bedroom is Overflowing with Toys

Anyone who has children knows how hard it can be to find the storage space to house all their hundreds and thousands (or so it seems) toys. Here’s how to solve the issue. Have a Clear Out Children can be pretty stubborn when it comes to clinging on to their old toys. But as they get older, they grow out of certain toys and have no use for them anymore. Talk to your child and persuade them to get rid of the ones they don’t use anymore. This’ll free up a lot of space in the...

Feb 19 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on “Fish Are Friends, Not Food”: Petkeeping Ideas for Parents
CC image credit to Thomas Giuretis

CC image credit to rick Introducing a pet into your child’s life is a fantastic way for them to gain some independence, even if it is as little as ensuring they spend time with their new friend. You may already have a pet in the family, or perhaps your child has spent time at a friend’s house getting to know their family pet and would like to have their own. Fish can be a great ‘starter pet’ for children old and young, with The Telegraph reporting in 2012 that 1 in 10...

Feb 19 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on When You’ve Given Up Your Day Job: Income Boosts for Stay At Home Parents
CC image credit to FuFu Wolf

So you’ve given up – or rather, changed your day job. The choice to become a stay-at-home parent is a difficult one, particularly from the financial point of view. While caring for your child full time can rate 100% for job satisfaction, it tends to be a drain on the finances rather than making gains. That said, starting up a small business from home can be a great way to generate some extra income, with hours that fit around your (and your little one’s) busy schedule....

Jan 30 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How to Plan a Birthday Party without Going Crazy

Most parents want to give their kids the experience of a birthday party with their friends at least once. They might choose to do different things, from sleepovers to ice skating, but whatever happens it requires a certain amount of organization. The whole thing can become a bit overwhelming if it starts to get out of hand, and it’s even more difficult if you’re planning it as a single parent. Many parties are prepared by one parent more than the other. But it’s...

Jan 27 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on New Year Fun for Single Dads

With the festivities over for another year and the kids back to school, we’re all feeling a little worn out from the hordes of friend and family visits. Unfortunately for the single pap however, the kids’ energy doesn’t stop when the Quality Streets are put away, and boredom can quickly set in, particularly at the weekends now they’re back to school. So how do you keep little ones entertained without the help of the good old British summer? And what can...

Jan 25 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Calm Parents, Happy Kids: How to Become a Stress-Free Parent

Becoming a stress-free parent is not an unattainable dream. Sure, kids can get to you. They don’t listen. They leave messes everywhere. They refuse to eat their greens. The school playground becomes the ultimate battlefield, where parents and children test their wits. But, the cuddles, the “I love you” and the pride that you feel, as a parent, overshadows all of this. Work, chores, being a parent and finding the time to still be your person can be stressful. It’s okay...

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