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Nov 24 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on A guide to buying a wedding ring for a man

With the big day approaching, the groom has a very important decision to make; his wedding ring. Whilst past styles have centred around a plain band made from yellow gold, there are now just as many choices for men as for women. ...

Oct 31 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Tips for Attending Your First Property Auction

Image Source Buying a property at auction can be a perfect way of picking up a bargain. The main attraction of buying at auction is the speed and ease it offers to buyers. Usually, house buying is a long drawn out, boring process that seems to go on forever. An auction lasts minutes rather than weeks and months. This ease can sometimes lead people to rush into deals without doing much planning or thinking ahead though. This is something to be avoided. If you’re thinking about...

Oct 24 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Places of fun in London for a dad and his children

London is a truly phenomenal place. Everyone is moving at what seems to be 100 mph, while traffic barely gets above 10 mph. It is a unique paradox. Despite being a sprawling metropolis, London is extremely family-friendly, with more places to see and more things to do with children than most places in the world. Below are just some of the things that you and your children can enjoy in the capital. by  August Brill  Sport If you and your children are into your sport then going...

Oct 17 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How to Choose a Suitable Pet for Your Family

Choosing a pet for your family will probably be quite difficult. You have a lot of choice, but it all boils down to what suits you best. You need to be able to take care of this pet the best you possibly can so that everybody involved is happy. If you don’t choose a pet suitable for your situation, you could end up having to give the pet away – this isn’t fair on anybody. Put in the ground work first to make sure you have the right pet. How Much Time Do You Have? Some...

Oct 09 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Alternative Gift Guide for Kiddos

Children’s birthdays can be both enjoyable and stressful at the same time and from the cake to the entertainment to who makes the list of attendees; there is an abundance of planning to do. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges you are certain to face is the matter of picking out birthday gift that suits both you and your little one. With the allure of modern technology and computer games, your kiddos are likely to present you with a never ending list of extortionately priced...

Oct 02 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How To Handle Taking Your Child To Their First Football Match

I still remember the first-time I watched Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge, as clearly as if it were yesterday. I can recall how tightly I gripped my father’s hand, how uncomfortable the wooden benches were and how loud the crowd cheered. It is a memory that me and my father treasured for many years after, and one I have always looked forward to replicating with my own child. Our son, Ezra, was born in 2010 and my wife has been restraining me from taking him down to Stamford...

Sep 25 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on How To Save The Planet And Your Money With These Top 5 Tips

All of us are pretty conscious of the damage we could be doing to the environment if we are wasteful. Most of us are also aware of how expensive it can be to be wasteful as well. Food, electricity, gas and water have never been so expensive. It seems like an endless battle trying to keep these costs down, yet month on month we can find ourselves going over budget. If you have ever reached the point of tearing your hair out in despair at the cost of keeping everyone warm and fed,...

Sep 23 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Posh Practicality: Smart Steps for Setting Up Your Living Room

As far as size and dimensions, it is not of any larger importance than the rest of the home, yet the living room is the place where the majority of your time is spent indoors.  So it makes sense that you should spend a significant amount of time and energy to ensure that it’s set up for practical success.  Tread lightly through the following steps regarding living room furniture and space. ...

Sep 17 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on 3 Household Issues And How You Can Fix Them By Yourself!

When you’re a homeowner, it means you take on a lot of responsibilities in the house. Your primary responsibility is making sure everything is okay and there are no problems. When there are problems, it’s up to you to fix them. I’ve chosen three common issues I find the most annoying, and how you can fix them by yourself. Peeling Walls Over time, the paint or wallpaper in your house can start to peel away. This is a problem that affects many homeowners throughout the country....

Aug 28 2015
by Johnny B |
Comments Off on Get the Most from your Paper Bags by Re-using them

Paper bags are great, stronger and more comfortable to carry than a plastic bag and reusable time and time again. Any business using paper bags are obviously aware of how to provide the best for their customers, and with more businesses using re-usable paper and cotton bags there is every likelihood that you will soon have more than you know what to do with. So with that in mind, what else can you do with a re-usable paper bags? ...

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