What are the benefits of a girl’s only school?

Posted on Nov 27 2017 - 10:44am by Johnny B

There has been a long debate about the importance of coeducation versus single sex education. Both the education systems exist in the current world and both have their own benefits to the child. Schools across UK offer co-ed as well as single sex education to the students; it totally depends on the parents and the choice they make.

Benefits of a girl’s only school:

  1. Specific curriculum: In a single sex school, the curriculum for the girls will be designed to bring out the best interests of the child. While a boys curriculum includes longer hours of sport, girls curriculum could include painting, reading and cooking.
  2. Develop their interests: In an all-girls school, the child can develop her own skills and interests without being compared or judged. They can participate in activities which catch their interest and can develop the same.
  3. Competition is a good thing: In a single sex school, girls will ignore the gender stereotypes and develop their competitive side. They do not have to worry about the boys or being called tomboys. They do not have to compete with boys, there are only girls they need to compete with and this will develop a competitive spirit in them.
  4. Girls can be themselves and accept their emotional side: Girls can grow through the years of teenage without worrying about the boys or being compared to the boys. They will learn to accept themselves physically and emotionally in an encouraging environment.
  5. Girls’ schools empower the students to excel: Many students cannot achieve their full potential in a co-ed school. In a single sex school, the girls will be able to perform better and the curriculum as well as the activities helps them excel. The impact of peer pressure can impact all girls, which is a reason why sometimes they suppress their personality. In a single sex environment, girls can take up subjects of their choice and engage wholeheartedly in serious sports. An all-girls school will tell your daughter that nothing is off limits and girls can achieve anything they want.

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